You Can Become A Kasab Or You Can Form a Real Kashmir F.C.; And Every Choice You Make Makes You

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First Story is about the man who was influenced to take up Terrorism. In contrast, the second story is about a friendship, which influenced a generation to take up the sport and not terrorism
First Story is about the man who was influenced to take up Terrorism. In contrast, the second story is about a friendship, which influenced a generation to take up the sport and not terrorism

Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab. When you hear this name, the first thing that will come in your mind is the bloodshed at Mumbai. Simply 26/11. He was the only terrorist to be captured alive.  On 3 May 2010, Kasab was found guilty of 80 offences. On 6 May 2010, he was sentenced to death and was hanged on 21 November 2012 at 7:30 am

The youngest eyewitness of 26/11 still remembers the smiling face he had while shooting. The boy-faced Kasab was firing at everybody blindly. Most noteworthy, he had no trace of fear on his face. How could a 21-year-old young man fire with a smile on his face? What happiness did he gain from that? What makes him take terrorism?

The answer is simple. Certainly, the people that surrounded him or we can say the people who formed his basic behaviour. This is not justifying Kasab. Certainly, they played an important role. How many of you have read the book KASAB; THE FACE OF 26/11 by Rommel Rodrigues. When you read that book, you will come to know about the life Kasab had.  Kasab was born to a Qassab community in Pakistan.  Amir Shahban Kasab, his father, ran a snack cart. He had no time for his son. Similarly, His mother Noor Illahi and his brother were also trying harder to make money. Kasab didn’t get the love or care of anyone. He didn’t know what was right or wrong. Above all, there was no one to rectify him. He was grown with his friends and neighbours. Therefore, all these after effects won’t seem like a surprise to you.

Kasab: The Face of 26/11, written by Rommel Rodrigues
Kasab: The Face of 26/11, written by Rommel Rodrigues

He left home after a fight with his father. One day, he decided to rob some money from a shop. But one man held his hand tightly and enquired what the hell he was doing. Kasab replied to him that he had no money. The man then asked Kasab to join him and he promised him that he will give him food and money. The man belonged to Lashkar-e-Taiba and they signed him.

From then, Kasab was grown with them. He was taught many things there, How to Kill a goat to how to treat Indians. His friends or masters surrounded his small brain with violence and blood, For the reason that he might never felt that anything he did was wrong. While he shot, he thought he is doing something great and he fired with a smile. When he was questioned, he offered the officers that, if he was allowed to go, he would kill anyone for them. For him, Killing was his love. When he Killed someone, he thought himself as a hero. Because The people who influenced him made him believed like that.  That winds up Kasab.

Militancy, insurgency, stone pelting, terrorism. These are the words which we hear commonly about Kashmir, especially from media. But now, besides the barriers of politics and religion, Kashmir is undergoing a revolution. Kudos to the Two friends from the beautiful valley;-Shamim Meraj and Sandeep Chattoo. They have joined hands to break the barriers of politics and religion. Not by any movement or power, but by a sport. Yes, Real Kashmir F.C.,  the small football team is making a big noise.

Real Kashmir F.C. was found in 2014 and within the limited span, they are making the waves now. They have already achieved promotion into the first division. 2014 floods were the turnaround. When the floods devastated the Kashmir Valley and killed hundreds, Real Kashmir stood as the only positive thing from the floods. When an area was suffering and wanted help, the two friends mentioned earlier, joined their hands.  Even after all the water was gone, their discussions continued.

Real Kashmir F.C. Started Playing I-League
Real Kashmir F.C. Started Playing I-League

In between the blood and violence, they decided to provide the youngsters with an opportunity to make a career in football. They saw many boys out there, simply wasting their time. They wanted to give the boys a purpose. For the reason that the duo bought some footballs and made them play. As a result, the interest among the boys raised as well spread. Consequently, all the kids in the area started playing. The duo actually promoted the sport among the youth. Their vision was to make them take up the sport and not pelt stones.  And they are succeeded in their vision as the boys started playing the I-League now. Probably this vision even led company like Addidas to Sponsor the club.

They overcame all the odds together. Passed Several Hurdles together. And hence, Formed the club together. A Land, which is known for people taking up terrorism, is inspired by a Hindu-Muslim Friendship. A Land, which is known for Terrorists, is known for their football team. The club has over 3000 young players from across the valley. Almost everyone has only one motive;- to be the best in the game. Like Barcelona in Spain and Manchester United in England, one day, it might be Real Kashmir F.C. From India. Because of Shamim Meraj and Sandeep Chattoo, all these things happened. If not, Among the 3000, at least one or two might join some terrorist groups for money. The duo wanted to make a difference and they did. Besides they went to make the Paradise on Earth a paradise for football.

First Story is about the man who was influenced to take up Terrorism. In contrast, the second story is about a friendship, which influenced a generation to take up the sport and not terrorism. We can channelise the energy of youths in two ways;- In a Kasab way as well in a Real Kashmir way. Finally, its all about the people we choose!

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  1. If a fruit is kept between ripened one it will get ripened much faster, similar thing happens if we place it among the rotten ones.
    To make a fruitful generation it is important to provide a cladding of “ripened fruits” not with putrid ones”. It’s a duty of you, me, and above all the people who we elect in the name of so called democracy

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