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22 March is celebrated as world water day all around the globe. It was started in the year 1993 by the United Nations aiming to increase the awareness for water-related issues. The objective is to make the people aware about the water-related issues that the world is facing be its water scarcity, lack of freshwater, the decline in the safe water and the water reach. Since 1993, the world water day is celebrated all around the world with great enthusiasm.

The day is used to emphasise the need and importance of freshwater. Around the world, various events are organised for this day like music events, street plays, campaigns to raise funds for future water projects etc.

It also includes the marginalised groups who still have to fight for a resource like water. There are still so many communities which do not get safe water to drink.

The importance of world water day lies in increasing public awareness about the usage of water and that it must be used judiciously. Water is one of the natural resources which is like a gift of nature to us. It is important to use this resource sustainably.

Sustainable use of water means that it should be used in such a way that future generations also get to use it.

Every year, a theme is decided by the UN- water, the convener for the world water day.

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This year the theme is “Leaving no one behind”. The aim is to include all those communities which are still deprived of fresh and safe water. Previous themes for the world water day includes – “Water and sustainable development”, “Water and jobs”, “Why waste water ?”, “Nature for water” etc.

Nowadays, the major water bodies are found to be so polluted that it is almost impossible to clean them. The government launched a program a few years back to clean Yamuna river but even today, the water is not fit for doing any activity. Just like the Yamuna, many water bodies around the world are polluted. Hence water pollution is also a major topic which the world water day targets to Increase awareness amongst the common people.

world water day bronbi

Some facts stated by United Nations are –

1- “One In four primary schools have no drinking water service with kids using unprotected sources ongoing thirsty.”

2- “More than 700 children under 5 years of age die everyday from diarrhoea linked to unsafe water and poor sanitation.”

3- “700 million people worldwide could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030.”

4- “2.1 billion people love without safe water at home”

The facts stated by the UN are scary and it’s the need of the hour to take these issues seriously otherwise the outcome will be dangerous for the whole humanity.

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