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As often do we come across this widely accepted ideology of ‘feminism’ is the same amount of times we realise that it’s a misconception. So what exactly is feminism? Which I suppose is an ignominy according to a tonne. Defining it in the utter human sense, feminism in its basic quantum is nothing but humanity in its original terms. Getting past all the cliché of the usual world and thinking individually and rightfully to end up with what you can call your original thoughts and not forget to exercise them.

Feminism is probably overrated and the elephant in the room, but definitely the need of the hour. Getting deeper, feminism may say 50% for women, but it also signifies the rest for men and will fight for it. Isn’t this what ‘being a human’ means?

bra strap feminism

Speaking particularly, when we agree with the fact that the visibility of a women’s inmate body parts and the inner garments to be a taboo, which in nemesis could be taken as just a patch of skin or a blotch of cloth, whose presence is as universal as that of arms and feet. When we whisper about the most usual concerns like the period cramps, stains or a visible bra strap, how do we expect the rest of the world to consider us equals? Or probably we amongst our own kind do not have trust and loyalty.

Why does a girl feel it is cool to be pampered and cared extra, from dropping her late night to carrying her bags? Or is it us who are making ourselves look vulnerable?

Why do we show interest in the lost virginity of a rape victim when the prima facies must be her pain, agony, emotional and mental distress. Or is it us who are making ourselves feel impure and used?

By condemning ourselves from disclosing the ‘sentineled aspects’ or normal dextral life, are we constraining the rest from sharing their troubles from us?

Why are we ashamed when our mothers settle the bills at a dinner or our fathers wind up with the laundry? Or are we the ones holding ourselves from being equal?

Everything comes with a cost, equal rights too and the cost of equal rights is equal responsibilities. So to all the open-minded crowd out there (which is a quintessential aspect to understand the heat of the situation) let’s do the “be the change you want to see” thingy by giving up, on the very concept of ‘character of a girl’, because if we as women do not respect each other and find it “unwrong” to categorise another girl with words like bitch, slut, whore, courtesan etc., how are we to expect the others to respect us? And let’s eventually disproved the illogical statement of “women can’t get along without quarrels”.

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