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Looking back in time I realise that I have come a really long way … Good or bad, nothing is potentially so strong to affect me now… Neither a lost memory of a lorn past nor the promises of a beautiful future. Everything is surreal the way it is. Everything is beautifully scattered or recklessly bound; whichever way the world wants to put it as. Nothing is so strong to affect the numbness of a mature heart.

Whatever life has put me through, whatever time has taken me out of, I believe life cannot be more real than this. It is real because I know that there is nothing more than I can lose which makes me understand that whatever I had, have been taken away. So when I have nobody in my life, there is no responsibility of lifting up relationships and there is no fear of losing people which brings me to the edge of where I was.

And as you try to Find the Answers, the more complicated EVERYTHING will be. Somethings are meant to be unkempt and careless for its beauty lies in the carelessness only. So it’s important to know that there’s a time for everything. If it’s meant to be there, it’ll find its own unique way to get itself sorted and it will accommodate eventually in your surroundings. If it’s not happening right now, then there can be two things. One, it’s not the right time or two, it’s not meant to be.

Finding an equilibrium is all that we chase today and someone said it very correctly that Equilibrium means death! “Mare hue ki Zindagi Jeeni haiĀ  kya ?” No, Of course not … So basically I’m extrapolating what I have learnt today! Everything is worldly! Nothing is yours. Faces will be forgotten. REMEMBER YOU’RE NOT IMPORTANT FOR OTHERS! So stop acting like that! KILL THE FEARS BEFORE THEY KILL YOU …

I can either fly or I can die… The choice has already been made and the decisions have already been taken !

Hence ! Here I am, SETTING MYSELF FREE …

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