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Stephen Hawking is a world-class popularised physicist and popular author of the recent time.

He was a living legend in the field of cosmology and famous for his studies on black holes and relativity. Hawking’s work with Sir Roger Penrose on the general theory of relativity by Einstein showed that there was an implied beginning to space and time, the Big Bang, and an end, through black holes.

There are two criteria for receiving a Nobel Prize in physics. Your cells should be alive and your theory must have received experimentally proven. ‘Hawking Radiation’ is a work of theoretical physics, but it has yet to be proven and verified.

After 40 years of theoretical prediction of the Higgs boson, Professor Peter Higgs won Nobel prize when it was based on singularities, was experimentally verified by the Large Hadron Collider. Physicists are quite aware that not all great physicists get the Nobel prize.

Hawking Radiation has possibly justified a Nobel and but did not. if it had been detected in his living time he would have got the Nobel. The prediction of Hawking radiation may or may not to be so in the actual universe.

Hawking was a first-rate physicist and not a world-class top physicist. non-physicists often compare him together with Einstein and Newton, c’mon.

This is same why Albert Einstein didn’t win Nobel prize for his General Theory of Relativity and instead won it for the photoelectric effect.

After being verified by LIGO and VIRGO detectors experimentally, Kip S. Thorne, Barry Barish and Rainer Weiss won for the Nobel prize for their contribution in Gravitational waves detection and theoretical modeling.

Stephen Hawking’s works are assumptions, not proven. It is based on studies of singularities, nature of quantum gravity and information paradox, which are the phenomenon of objects named as black holes whose direct detection not yet done. It is quite infeasible with current methodologies. We have many alternatives to simulate such objects which provide insights of the mechanism but they are not enough to be regarded as strong proof.

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