While The Red Dot On Her Head Makes Her Pure, Why The Red Drop From Her Vagina Make her Filthy? Mysteries Around Menstruation

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Menstruation indicates the ability of a woman to become a mother.
Menstruation indicates the ability of a woman to become a mother.

Red, one of the most powerful colour in this colourful world. Symbol of love, anger, violence, desire, fire, emotions, power and danger. No matter what is our skin colour, all people were born in this world with the red blood. Yes, we bleed red. While The Red Dot On Her Head Makes her pure, Why The Red Drop From Her Vagina Makes her Filthy? Menstruation is a natural process. A Pure Process!  

“Menstrual blood is the only source of blood that is not traumatically induced. Yet in modern society, this is the most hidden blood, the one so rarely spoken of and almost never seen, except privately by women”.

These words of American author Judy Grahn make  some sense. What is wrong with menstrual blood? Let us talk about the seven bleeding days.

Menstruation, a biological process occurs in a woman’s body which indicates the ability of a woman to become a mother. During her periods, the body sheds the lining of uterus along with an unfertilized egg. This menstrual period lasts from 3 to 5 days. Menstruation is a natural process, not an impure one. Many of you may believe that this is impure, but I am 100% sure that the pain coming out of this is pure.

In our country, the literacy rate is 74.04% and Kerala has a literacy rate 93.1% which is the nation most literate rate. Still, people are trying to live in unwanted believes rather than in reality. Most of the people think that talking about menstruation is a bad thing. They consider it as a thing that we have to hide from others.

It starts with our family itself. Today also, in many houses father and brothers are not aware of their daughter’s or sister’s periods days. Mother will teach her daughter to hide these things from them and do not speak about this in public. Don’t enter to pooja room. Don’t enter to the kitchen’, don’t lie on the bed, don’t go outside, keep a distance from others, don’t use the things that you were using while going to temple during other days and learn to hide your pain. The most hated word during those days, ‘DON’T’. Why so? What is the problem if we do all these things? Why we have to live in a restricted cage during that time?

In north India, in so many villages we can see a small hut outside the house or may be far from the house, which is used to stay during periods. The girl has to cook herself, she has to count that seven bleeding days while sitting inside that hut. She restricted to talk with others and be with others, even she can’t enter into her own house. Many girls have to stay in huts that are very far from their places which do not provide any kind of safety for them. And there reported so many rape cases during this time.

Still, they are following the same system. And in many places, menstruation is considering as a transition stage for a girl’s freedom level to an unfreedom level. These kind of things are happening mainly due to two reasons; one is lack of literacy and the other is lack of ability of the literate people to think.

Which religion books or Vedas or Upanishads tell that menstruation is impure?
Which religion books or Vedas or Upanishads tell that menstruation is impure?

Can anyone tell me that which religion books or Vedas or Upanishads tell that menstruation is impure? The blood comes from the place where we lived nine months before our birth. During our birth, we were covered with that blood. If it is impure, if the process is impure, then each and every human being who were once lied in that blood should be also impure. Right?

Everyone in this world has the freedom to keep their own beliefs. But at some point, we have to accept the reality too. When the Hindi film, ‘PADMAN’ was released all of us were in a hurry to accept thepadman challenge’ to spread the fact that period is a natural process which is not impure. I don’t know how many people accepted this challenge to convince people about this fact rather than getting likes and comments.

I am no telling that women should follow a feminist path and put stories, posts and all to show her power. All are equal and gender is not a thing which defines you. We have to help the people to realize some facts rather than creating a gender war. And the parents should tell their daughters that keep moving, don’t stop yourself, don’t let the seven days stop you. We all need the awareness of our body and the process that happens in our body. Be intelligent to think and realize the truth. Actually not our blood is impure, but our mind.

Dear girls, don’t hesitate to tell that I am bleeding. Tell the world that my blood is not impure, it shows my ability to become a mother. Yes, I Will be a Mother tomorrow!

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