What is Social Detoxification?!

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Sometimes, to understand what’s going on with you, with life generally, you need to spend some time alone. While it becomes extremely difficult initially to do it in the era of WhatsApp and Instagram, the after effects of this isolation of a few months lead you to a more stable life than you have ever had.

Now this stability is not because of doing new things. Certainly, you would not be climbing mountains or going to achieve nirvana while you’re working on this “social detoxification” scheme, but I would definitely say that you would see yourself unfolding in a lot many ways which you have never had before. And that is the ultimate joy of being alone. To be able to see yourself come out differently from your cocoon.

More often than not, we underestimate our skills and qualities and tend to believe that whatever this world is reflecting on us about ourselves is true, which is so not the way of analysing yourself. The correct way is to spend a little time aloof and see what all comes to you naturally. Obviously when you won’t be indulging in WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook you will get alot of time at your end. And probably to fill that time, you will pick up some activities.

And trust me you will be able to find so many qualities of your personality which you haven’t noticed before. Perhaps, you might end up discovering that you can be a great cook, or you love to read books, or maybe you’re an amazing singer. If not this, then you will be able to plan your life and think about all the necessary stuff which is to happen to you in the coming years and what all you need to do in order to be prepared for that.

To know all of this about yourself demands isolation. We are so involved in our social media life that we just don’t allow our brain to process nicely. We just end up forwarding memes and being a part of senseless debates that just go on indefinitely on social media.

It brings me to a fact that we are nothing but a slave of social media. Our days and nights are dictated by the so called “social networking sites”, which isn’t what it is supposed to be. It was developed so that we can Interact with the world around but not at the cost of our interactions with ourselves.

Trust me, deleting your social media accounts for sometime is a great practice. Atleast that’s what I followed and I found immense growth in my personality. A little bit of staying away from your social media handles isn’t that bad an idea. It will ensure that you don’t crave for you mobile phones all the time. It will ensure that if because of some reasons you are asked to stay away from your phones, you won’t be having your “near death” expressions. But rather, you would be chilled out at that time and would say that it’s no issue with you in staying away from your phone.

When you do a detoxification process for your body, you should also do that for your brain, for it’s the most important part of our body. Infact, our entire body is governed by this little mass called brain situated inside our skull. And for the proper functioning of your body, your mind neend to stay healthy. And social media is no way doing good to any of that. Neither your mind, nor your body.

Therefore, I would highly recommend that you guys should abort using your social media handles for sometime and be amazed to see the new you !

You can thank me later 🙂

Wish you luck ❤

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