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Well, how many of you watch Hollywood TV series and Netflix shows? I’m sure there would be no one who could deny that! A recent study done by a very famous psychologist, Marc Hekster, says that Watching Friends actually helps to reduce anxiety and soothes the brain. 

And No, I am not talking about your real life Friends. In fact sometimes, they can be a great concern of your worry isn’t it ? (Hahahahaha just kidding !) 

But Yes, the Psychologist claims that the people who watch Friends have better ways to escape anxiety and restlessness.

Friends have been one of the most famous TV series that has ever been made and it’s charm just doesn’t go down. People have found to be watching it repeatedly. The characters have a charm which you just cannot resist appreciating and enjoying at the same time. The Wacky dance moves and out of the box reactions, it? acting skills and screen appearance have made it a gem of a series. Seasons after seasons have been made and the audience have showered it with the same love and enthusiasm. 

“Having worked for over a period of 20 years with those experiencing anxiety, I can conclude that among other factors, it is the repetitive and relational nature of programs such as Friends and Big Bang Theory that will be doing the trick,” The clinical psychologist, Marc Hekster said.

He also states that the problems the characters go through provide some sense of comfort and escapism to its viewers. 

He also said that, 

“Watching Friends is about an experience of repair, of watching the characters in the show repeatedly having worries, which then get repaired and soothed, usually in the context of other relationships in their lives. Complex problems are made the focus of each episode, and then they are resolved within the relationships which are the essence of the shows. It is pure escapism – excellent, bring it on.”

Furthermore, he states that ,

 “Yes, it is soothing to see the same outcome every time and know you can depend on it. This is at the heart of human development. So, when grown-ups are anxious, they can have child-like feelings of fear and worry, and these can be soothed by repetition.”

Having heard so much about it, I think it’s time to hit on the seasons and watch them all if you haven’t watched them yet! 

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