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Virus traces all things that scared the hell out of every Kerala citizen after the Nipah Outbreak.
Virus traces all things that scared the hell out of every Kerala citizen after the Nipah Outbreak.

We couldn’t even imagine the real-life situation of all those guys who were infected by Nipah in all sense. Patients, Bystanders, Doctors, Officials, Small workers, the list goes on. The way they fought this deadly Virus is unbelievable. In the short span of theatre experience, Director Aashiq Abu literally made us sit on the edge. All the real emotions such as fear and hope, that existed nearly 40 days last year were cut short into nearly 152 minutes. But still, You could really feel the intensity of these emotions. There’s where Aashiq Abu Won. Virus will take you through many emotional roller-coasters.

Normally it’s difficult to make a thriller. Above all, if the audience knows the entire details, then the making becomes tougher. How can we make suspense when they’re watching events unfold from the past? And with this past, they’re too familiar. But with each frame, with each bgm, our heart beats like a drum here. Virus Slowly Grows on You. Credit mainly goes to Sushin Shyam’s background score. He is the one who makes it more engaging.

People, the common people played the lead role in this movie. All the actors who acted in the movie represented us. There were no high or low, it’s just ‘people’ altogether. They have fought it. And against all these lead actors, there was only one villain, Nipah. Cinematography by Rajeev Ravi and Additional cinematography by Shyju Khalid also has been marvelous. They captured the battle between Heroes and Villain in beautiful frames.

There is no need to say more about the story. Some heard it, some seen it, some experienced it. And here it has reconstructed everything. Whatever is seen in the movie has been there in real. Now we all can see it, hear it and take it to heart. Kudos to the screenwriter, a multitude of actors to the team of technicians.

The movie revolves around Calicut medical college, Perambra, other infected areas, and hospitals. In short, we could feel the silence of fear that existed in the entire district. Nipah enters as a small problem around lesser-known Perambra town. Then along with the film, it spreads across the state, even the country indeed.

Virus Trailer

Nipah, the villain scores in the first half as it deals mainly with the fear. A mysterious zoonotic disease makes its way in the first half, which contained a proper detailing about the deadly virus. How could the doctors and administrative team deal with this virus, with no defined vaccination and no treatment protocol? Fear and concern, the governing body faced is clearly shown in the first half. Splendid Performances from the actors also helped in showing the extreme effects of this disease.

Virus traces all things that scared the hell out of every Kerala citizen after the Nipah Outbreak. How to isolate the patients? What all can be done to sympathize the bystanders? How to even cremate the dead bodies? What should be done to convince the doctors and other staffs? Every single bit of it is well crafted in the virus. Above all, the much debated and mysterious origin of Nipah was well discussed in the movie. From the blind rumours or explanation of bio-war in the name of religion to a targeted attack of the pharmaceutical mafia, Virus finally conclude fruit-eating bats as the main source.

The Second Half mainly deals with fight and survival. The index case of the outbreak was well detailed in the second half. The second half is mainly the linking of other Nipah infected ones with the indexed one. There’s where the above-mentioned whiff off Islamophobia and all comes into play. The last case, played by Soubin Shahir also have a major space in the second half. The scenes where the officials and doctors find it difficult to link Unnikrishnan(last case played by Soubin) and Zackhariya(the first case) will really make us sit in anxiety. Some of those linking-stories evoke tears as most of them were caught by this virus when they tried to help the infected one, which is difficult to digest.

With an ensemble cast of Mollywood, it’s really difficult to pick one standout performances. Everyone, even those ambulance drivers were perfect. What makes it great is, all the characters have seemed to be very real with their look and acting. Above all, no character seems subdued, larger than life or overstepping the boundaries.

Lini (Rima Kallingal), the health minister (Revathy), district collector (Tovino Thomas), the virology expert (Kunchacko Boban), health officer (Indrajith), director of health services (Poornima Indrajith), data collector (Parvathy Thiruvothu), the sanitation manager (Joju George), doctor (Sreenath Bhasi), major victims (Soubin Shahir, Madonna, Asif Ali) , everyone just nailed it. The screen space for each actor is limited. Even in such a short span, Asif Ali, Soubin Shahir, Sreenath Bhasi, and all gave an exceptional performance.

Virus is more than a film. Virus is perhaps the best tribute to that time when we had many selfless, nameless heroes. As a movie, Virus is contagious enough to make you skip a heartbeat or evoking tears. In short, there is no reason to not watch this one. Above all, virus all about humans joining hands to beat a deadly disease. Yes, it was Human vs Virus, and finally Human wins. Kudos to all real superheroes!

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