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I was at a new personal low Grappling with depression, wearing a mask of happiness. I was gliding through a dream. I was rushing through my days, keeping on my feet, itching to make it to the evening when I could crawl into my bed and feel no further… until the next day, I was stuck in this rut, trapped in this loop. I walked on, as usual, making a mockery of people and things. My silences were merely a bit longer.

Nothing changed and yet, everything did. Depression, for me, thankfully, was a mood of sorts, a fleeting feeling that comes in uninvited to a place where it is unwelcome.

My thoughts lingered in that darkest crevice of moods, and as the light shone on them, they were discovered to be words depicting my tryst with Death.

I’ve jotted some of them down.

For your eyes only.

I’ve been thinking of Death

Not of dying, truly not,

But of Death itself.

Not of ending or not existing

Nor what comes after.

Not in wonder, as to why

Everything must end.

Not about losing the race

To time, or to others.

death poem bronbi


I’ve been thinking of Death 

Much like reaching for memories

Trying to remember the face

Of a long forgotten friend.

Trying to imagine what

She would look like, now.


I’ve been thinking of Death

Like I think of poetry.

It comes to me unbidden, uninvited.

It comes and goes as it pleases

And always leaves the door open.

It lets the chill of the night in.

It lets the rain water form puddles.

It departs as silent as it arrives.

Death will come at its pace

One day we’ll be forgotten

And nothing will remain.

Too young to die, too old to wait.

Drowning in dreams woven by the world.

death poem bronbi


I’ve been thinking of Death.

She, who I’m destined to meet.

My thoughts fade away from this phase –

Yet she will wait forever

To melt in my embrace

Unless I live forever.

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10 shares, 53 points

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