Poetry; Too close yet too far; Narration

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far away love art

Years have passed
Nights went by crying
Teary lashes
Lumpy throat
My voice cracks
As I began to talk!
And it was that day I remember
When I was torn apart
Blisters here scars there
Scratches spread in me
My once peaceful soul
Is now restless…
Years passed our rendezvous
Now just a hazy overcast
Dreams we had
Love we’ve made
Is now, just a thing of past
Deep volcanoes inside me
Burn Evey now and then
And when the lava melts
I scream I shout I try to forget
But you don’t seem to leave me…
I left the people
I left the place
I left your land
Your every trace
But the part of your soul!!?
That was the only thing I had of you
Cause I never loved you dear
I lived you…
I have seen days drowning into months
And months to years
It’s your image
That never goes away…
We had to be apart
For it was all destined
I couldn’t hold you then
I couldn’t tell you
In the end, I couldn’t hold your hand
And cry…
We had to part ways then
Life’s not easy
And we can’t question why!
I parted mine and ran away
Before I end up melting in your soil …

And now
Years have passed
Time flew by
It’s still you in me that flickers
Reasons vanished!
Reasons, for we had to be apart…
Our love has grown old now
It’s almost a life old
That day it was I know
When I saw someone from the past…!
I was so astonished!
The once black hair
Have turned grey now
The cocaine-filled eyes
Are still the same…
I was lost in them then
I am lost in them now
My fingers touched your beard
Our skin met somehow!
I love your beard
Cried! My heart inside
The lips began to dance
My beats were so high
Years before I cried
When you went so far and
Today it’s you!
See! It’s you…Loving me
And healing my scars…
One life was all I asked from God
To live like never before
To live with you
But then
I never thought
I had to bid you adieu
But never have I doubt
The power and faith in God
For he has his own ways…

Now begins a new journey
His journey!
And the memories that we’ve got
It was time for him to live my soul
It was time for me to depart!
I prayed to see him
Near my death bed
In my last days and see!
God is Almighty
He got him here for me
And now I can rest peacefully
I will just lie down in my grave and let
the flowers soothe me
Heal me comfort me…
It’s your love that will shine bright
It’s your turn now!
Miss me dear and hold on tight…
Promise! I promise I won’t leave you
Close your eyes and feel
And feel in your heart!!
Just remember
We’re not too close
We’re not too far
Not too close
And not too far…

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