The Wrong Turn

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"Don't worry mom I'll be back before dinner…"
As Ivy rushed out of the hall. .To her friends birthday party. …
Two hours had passed since she left…
Now curiously her mom texted …."where are you .."
Ivy replied "don't worry I just left… "
Mom "alone….???"
Ivy"mom I can handle myself…."
Mom.." alright be quick and don't talk to strangers "
Ivy"alright mum will do so"
….an hour later…
Mum" where are u… ??"
Ivy" Mum. I think I took a wrong turn and I'm kinda lost here…."
Mum"whatttt and you're telling me now. .."
Ivy "wait don't Freak out I can find my way… "
Mum "tell me where u are and I'll Come pick you up "
Ivy"I don't know where I am"
Mum"look around see if u can find something….and are their street lights…?”
Ivy "I'm looking…"
Mum" is there light around you???”
Ivy"I don't see any. .."
Ivy"wait I'm near the city bank ATM. . . .”
Mum"ok good let me look where it is"
Ivy "hurry up mum it's getting kinda creepy "
Mum" OK. Apparently, there's only one city bank ATM around I'll be there in a while "
Ivy " OK. Cool hurry up Cuz I see people here and I don't feel that happy seeing them. .."
Mum “do u still have the pepper spray I gave you "
Ivy “yes"
Mum "alright stay in the light and have your back against the wall…So no one  sneaks up on you "
Ivy "OK……please hurry "
Mum "yep will be there asap "
…..ten minutes later. ..
Mum "I'm here and this place looks creepy hurry up to the car"
Ivy "where are you I don't see the car"
Mum "I'm right here by the ATM…..where are you "
Ivy "I'm right next to the ATM "
Mum" where I don't see u"
Mum "I see movement near the bushes…..os that you??"
Ivy "mum I dropped something Come help me…. I think I dropped my wallet.."
Mum" we'll Come for your wallet tomorrow… Come quick this place is creeping me… "
Mum "wait did you hear that"
Ivy "hear what "
Mum" i don't know I guess I heard a man talking "
Ivy "I don't hear nothing …can u come help me"
Mum "wait I'm coming "
And as she walks towards the bushes a man  Walks out with a knife pointing her
Man" give me your ATM card and you better have more money than your daughter "
And as they walk towards the ATM two men jump over the wall and
"Freez this is the police "
The mother starts to shout where's my daughter …
The cops approach the van parked nearby to find Ivy tied up
The cops told the mother and that her daughter Was lucky they saw suspicious activity on the CCTV cameras and reached here in time. And the persons arrested were a notorious criminal who had caused a lot of problems recently and the victim usually doesn't make it out alive……

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