The Thrill Around His Grey Beard; Joseph is Joju’s masterclass

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The movie is all about that name, that man, Joseph. The movie narrates Joseph and his life
The movie narrates Joseph and his life

Manjadikuru, Guppy, Vettah, Nirnayakam, etc..  All these Malayalam movies belonged to the category of movies, which we say, “Brilliant Movie,  a real miss from theatres”. The trend is still continuing. Such movies are still leaving the theatres, without making a mark. On the other hand, the movies which lack quality are still entering crore clubs.  When a movie comes with a well-defined theme and stunning performances, then why don’t we grab a ticket and go. It’s really a crime. We are discouraging the film maker as well the film industry. Industries such as Tamil are undergoing a revolution.  Audience and people belonging to the Film industry are supporting movies such as Ratsasan, PariyerumPerumal etc… Despite the small cast, these movies are gaining appreciation from all over the world.

Malayalam Film Industry is on the verge of witnessing another Torrent Hit. Last Friday, a movie called Joseph had been released in few theatres in Kerala. The movie is a kind of emotional thriller filled with a scintillating performance from Joju. Therefore, it’s really disappointing to see the empty seats in theatres. Despite an interesting plot and terrifying lead role, the movie is on the verge of becoming another ‘guppy’. We will miss it from the theatres and when we watch it from our laptop or mobile, we will fill the movie with overwhelming appreciation. If then, why don’t we appreciate now? Why don’t we promote such movies now?

Joseph is a beautifully crafted suspense thriller.  The movie is all about that name,  that man, Joseph. The movie narrates Joseph and his life. It revolves around his investigatory mindset along with the undisciplined life that he follows. Joseph is different in all sense. A martyr of time. Somewhere in between, he lost everyone he had. Since life has to be lived, he is living with happy memories of his past. Then suddenly comes a ‘death’, that pushes him to investigate, literally changing his life. But How? How Far will Joseph go? Watch and see!

Joseph is Joju's best till date.
Joseph is Joju’s best till date.


Joseph is Joju’s masterclass. Joju’s best till date. Unlike his previous cop roles, this one was completely different. Even if he handled humor and negativity very well in his previous encounters, no one expected him to do a lead role with such perfection. He handled all the emotions very well. Even his subtlest expressions were priceless. His magnificent acting skills along with the makeover really made Joseph a character to remember.

Everyone portrayed their characters very well. Especially Joseph’s four friends and DileeshPothen. Joseph’s ex-lover,  wife and daughter also made a good impression. The success of the movie is that everyone was matured in their acting skills. Unlike the director’s last movie,  there was clarity in every character. Therefore, the audience won’t feel bored even if the film is slow.

More than the story, it’s the mood of the film which keeps us on the edge of the seat. The music and frames provided the necessary thrill. Both helped gave the movie it’s necessary momentum. Flashback scenes were beautifully handled by the editor as well.

Joseph is M Padmakumar’s best work after Shikkar. We all know about the craft of Padmakumar. But in his last few works, he was not up to his expectation. He really made a comeback with this film. The scriptwriter Shahi Kabir has been victorious in his attempt too. He is really putting forward a serious issue to think about.

An exciting tale with a serious message has been handled by the entire crew very beautifully. Some may feel a lack of punch in the climax. The detailed explanation of the crime might disturb the flow of the movie. But understanding it’s social importance, we could easily forgive these silly errors. Anyway,  “Joseph” manages to tone the message brilliantly. Kudos to the entire team!

In between the Non-Malayalam movies,  please don’t forget movies like Joseph. You may find small star cast. It may not push you to the theatres. But the truth is that Joseph can’t be intense without this cast. Today or tomorrow, Joseph may disappear from your nearby theatres. Therefore, Grab your tickets as soon as possible. Don’t miss this emotional thriller. Come on!  Let’s show the world, the quality of Malayalam Cinema!



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