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“The prime aim of life should be to have peace of mind,” said my grandmother once. For you, my grandmother is a blind and a very old lady. But she is one of the happiest women I have ever come across. The way she plans her days and stays happy is really inspiring. She is blind, but that never stopped her from doing what made her happy. I swear the darkness of her eyes never disappointed her because she realised the heart is the real eye and when you open your heart you will see many things that you failed to see. I swear she is sure-footed than anybody else who lives with her in that house. She can take you to her garden and explain to you the different flowers in her collection. Not just this, there are many inspiring things that she does.

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There have been times when I was shaken by silly matters. It’s not just me, there are many out there who failed to see the bright sides of life and went on complaining about the life you are having. Your life is how you plan it. But there are times when life turns out to be what we never expected. Of course, we have to do our best to experience the best but when things don’t turn out to be good as we planned we shouldn’t be disappointed. Neither should we step back. Always prepare your heart to accept whatever life gives you. This first step will make you 50% bold and 75% happy. The next step is to follow your heart, do whatever is pleasing to you, cherish your ideas, feel proud for who you are what you are, finally add a bit of hard work to your struggles. You will get 100% of what you wanted and 101% of peace of mind plus happiness.

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