The best 5 summer skincare tips to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh

We do enjoy the summer but do perceive what our skin feels.

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The warmth of the sun become extreme and skin problems have become more irreplaceable in summer. The skin becomes more rough and dull because of the fluctuations in weather. During summer time hot winds cause excessive sweating makes our skin grim and dust. Spending more time outside in hot may lead our skin get scorched and makes ugly tans which hard to remove. Most of us are not aware of skin damages and not able to give attention to skincare due to a busy life. We have to adapt skincare routines according to the weather seasons it is the only way to keep away skin damages. Here I am suggesting 5 simple life tips to make our skin smooth and glowing in summer hot.

1. Water treatment

Too many dust and toxins were accumulating in our body due to sweating. Water flushes out these wastes from our body so keep wash our skin properly with plain water during summer. Keep the body cooler and hydrated by drinking juices, coconut water, buttermilk or plain water. This will make our skin prevent dehydration. Also, green tea is the best option to eliminate dead skin cells and also protect from the variety of skin damages. Fluids also help to makes skin soft, clear and dewy.

2. Applying of sunscreen

Sunscreens are most commonly using in summer but there are some important things about applying it that we don’t know. We should better apply the sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out in the sun. Also, use sunscreen which contains high SPF and also waterproof. There are high UV rays in sunlight that leads to skin cancer, sunscreen protects the skin from these harmful rays and prevents from darkening. Always try to stay indoors in between the time 10 am and 4 pm because sun rays are harshest during that time.

3. Skin Toning

It is the most helpful way to moisturize the skin and also helps to remove dirt. To remove makeup and toxins we can use toner which also balances the ph level of the skin. We can make natural toner ourselves by mixing equal amount of glycerine and rose water. Apply the toner every night and it will help to reduce pimples, blackheads and other skin marks.

4. Food habits

Always keep oily and salty foods away from our diet. Salt helps to dehydrate our body and makes the dry skin. Don’t forget to include water content fruits like watermelon, orange, and cucumber in our diet because they contain high nutrients and antioxidants. Eating of meat items leads to raising the body temperature because it’s hard to digest and causes ugly pimples. Green vegetables are better to eat in summer .they helps to improve the immune system.

5. Cleansing of skin

We can prepare natural and effective cleanser at home by mixing honey with plain yogurt and it is a good moisturizer for skin. We have to apply this twice a day. After applying the cleanser Wash the skin after 10 minutes. It helps the skin become smoother. Also, there are several cleansers are available in the market.

Summer is the time to pay special attention to our skin. My skin suffers more than much as u does. The lifestyle we follow made us sacrifice more health and fairness these days but now it is the time to stand up for skin care. I hope all my tips will help u to bring the younger glowing skin in summer hot.

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  1. Such a great information about skin care tips in summer. Thanks for sharing with us . Keep it up Skin Care Tips!

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