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Curled in his arms, bedsheets were a mess that morning. Her hair stuck to his sweaty arms, his breath was caressing her ears, and she was smiling. Somewhere she knew, life is not going to be the same for her. She glanced at his calm and composed face and admired the perfect dusk of his skin. She moved her fingers over his face. She was creating a silhouette in her mind. She was too sleepy to open her eyes. And the best part was to stroke his eyebrows. She knew he would always smile when she does that. She would stroke his brows until he wakes up. She knew that was the best way to say “Good Morning” to him. And that day, she wanted to do everything that she always thought about. Not just the way everything happened, there was something, something in their eyes, in their minds, and in their bodies that just took “them” a step ahead.

Thinking over the last few years wasn’t really something that came along with choices, instead, she had nothing but to keep up that one ray of hope that someday, somehow, she is going to fall in his arms. There will be a day when she won’t be holding back anymore. The glimpses almost flooded her eyes with tears. Lying down with him the way she always wanted to, kissing him softly when he sleeps, moving her fingers in his hair and grabbing them until he holds her tight. She was living the time of her life when everything that she had thought about was then a reality. She softly rubbed his cheek against hers and nuzzled her nose against his nose from the side.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. He smiled, she blushed. He turned around and kept his face against her chest and held her. Held her like a small baby, like as if he’s never going to leave her. He held her with just the right amount of force and passion. He smiled within the ends of her curls and swiped them away from her face. He gave her one hard look and softly kissed her lips. Within a second, she fell into his arms as if she was so broken and tired as if what she was searching for have just found her with the same madness.

There were so many questions banging her inner head but she chose to let them be and not ponder over the things that would snatch her euphoria. It was her time to forget about the world. As the passion in his eyes gave away to his hands to caress her everywhere from head to toe, she could not resist but to respond with perfect moans. She took his name with every breath and moaned even harder when she felt breathless. She couldn’t resist the glimpses to scatter all over her mind as of what the last night have been for her.

A Pencil Drawing Of A Couple On Bed Cute Love Drawings Pencil Art |Hd Romantic Sketch Wallpaper

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  1. I can imagine every single word …so beautifully put upβ™₯️ … couldn’t have been better😍….love it!!

  2. Beautifully written. One can actually imagine each and every moment which is written. All I can say is, keep writing girl. . πŸ™‚πŸ˜˜

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