Taking a Path less followed by, Dormitory really makes us sit on the edge; Akhil Vijayan’s Work is a Compelling Watch

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Not Compromising its Length, Dormitory really makes you sit on the edge!
Not Compromising its Length, Dormitory really makes you sit on the edge!

Amateur short films are rarely worth a watch.  But numerous ones are still floating around on the internet. Repetitivity along with poor acting and poor visuals remains as the primary reason for the dislikes. Only a few tend to leave the viewer satisfied.

One such endeavour is “The Dormitory” by Akhil Vijayan. The Short Film is featuring his fellow students from the Calicut Medical college. Even though its too long, Dormitory really keeps you on the edge despite the completely amateur background of those involved in the production. It’s a compelling watch!

The storyline is revolving around 2 friends. They are stuck alone in a hostel and summoning a spirit using the tried and tested Ouija board. This may sound familiar and boring at first. But the sheer volume of effort put into the story comes to the front in its minor details. Solid performance from the two leads and good pace of the story helps you look past the minor niggles in the storyline. Above all,  a very unexpected and new ending brings forth a new concept of good and the bad versions of the man existing within the body and being able to act independently from it.

The sequence ends in a bizarre and confusing way. But it serves its purpose too. It gives enough to the viewer to ponder about whilst also keeping them interested enough to wait for a part two even after a 33 minute run time. Which while seeming long, keeps the dice rolling the entire time and delivers where it matters, in entertaining. Add to that an enthralling background score makes you more tense. It helps in creating an ‘eagerness’ to the viewer.

All in all “The Dormitory” is unlike any other slapstick horror short film that one may come across the youtube and very much worth a watch. Kudos to the entire team!

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