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It was a breezy Sunday morning and I was sitting on my balcony, hearing the usual commotions on the road. The noises of the vehicles rustling and bustling one behind another. That was the usual weekend routine that I never missed! That same old black coffee mug with my favourite bunch of dry fruits and a good book to read. That completes my Sunday mornings.

I always loved sitting in the balcony and even more when it’s such a pleasant February morning with just the right amount of sunlight dissolved in the chilly breeze of the season. But that Sunday was a little different. That was the last day of my University’s Annual cultural Fest. Unlike thousands of others, I was not really interested in attending the event as there was nothing that day I could enjoy watching. And moreover, I was lazy enough to step out of my comfortable cosy night dress which I was, for some reasons, wearing for the last two days.

I was watching a small bunch of people wearing the best outfits they had in their wardrobes and flaunting their presence in the university. My balcony actually gave me multiple views, where from one side I can see the lights on the roads, the other side was totally green with bulky old trees that somewhere made it look like woods. The rightmost extreme area of the tiny balcony was from where I could have a look at the entire University, as my hostel was inside the premises.

I was just musing about what I was going to do then.

After a couple of minutes, I don’t know what happened to me but I was super sure where I wanted to go. It didn’t even took me 10 seconds to convince myself to step out of the room for going where I was planning to from the last one year. I knew what and why I was doing back then.

I got ready immediately and combed my hair around 5 times before leaving. Though I have never been so conscious about my looks, God knows why that day I kept checking myself in the mirror again and again, adjusting my dupatta to settle it back in the same place. I knew alot of things will change in me when I’ll come back. I wore the silver earrings that I have bought from Central Delhi. As soon as I wore them I remove them thinking that I was overdoing and that I shouldn’t be looking like someone who’s going for a wedding.

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