Silver the Sad Beauty | Chapter 3 | Novel

Chapter 3

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Question of Question

“It wasn’t like this earlier,” she said making me sit on the couch of her bedroom. “But what is it which made it like this?” I asked taking the cup of coffee from her hand. Silver sat on my left side relaxing on the couch leaning her head back. “Who was he,” I asked told her that I am understanding her situation. Making herself more comfortable she said “Kevin, Kevin Steven. We knew each other since 8th grade. We grew up together. I had spent all of my best times with him. He knew about me more than anyone else. Even more than me. It was my 18th Birthday. I went to the mall with my friends.

He came over there and in front of everyone he confessed his love and asked me out. It was the best moment for me.” Silver continued talking and slowly-slowly I was getting answers to all my questions. Like a good listener, I didn’t interrupt her. And she continued “we had a perfect relationship. We really cared for each other but still, I felt something was missing. We came really close to each other mentally and physically. He was always there for me”. “So when everything went well where did it go wrong?” I asked eagerly. “Not everything which seems perfect has to be perfect”. She continued” one day after coming back from school I went directly to his house.

I wanted some of my pictures which he took when on a date. When I reached there he was having a bath. I stood out for some time and was talking to him. Then I went to his bed took his phone and searched for my pictures when in the gallery I see a hidden folder named Gilen. I was surprised because Gilen was our classmate and why would Kevin have her pictures. I opened the folder and was struck by lightning on my head and my eyes went blind for some time it was Kevin and Gilens nudes together. I got up in anger and moved towards Kevin when I get a text on his phone saying meet you at royals at 10 pm. I was shattered and I left Kevin’s place. I planned to bust him over there. I reached there before time and waited for them to come.

I was waiting for them in the lobby when they came; hand in hand she was walking so close to him that even I didn’t in 2 years. I went to him and without saying anything stood there. Even he didn’t say anything. After a pause of 2 seconds, I came back to senses slapped him as hard as I could and walked away from there” silver had tears in her eyes after the last word. I went close to her held her hand to make silver feel comfortable and asked: “then what happened”.

She looked at me and replied “I was broken and had no support my parents had gone out. I went to a bar and drank gallons. The bartender there had some plans he took me with him. I too went easily thought I would do the same what Kevin did to me. But I couldn’t do it as I was not him’. Silver stopped and immediately after saying that she busted into tears. I gave her a tight hug and said ‘what if I get him back’. ‘I don’t think so he will come back’ she looked down waiting for me to say something. ‘Do you still love him? Do you want him back?’I asked. ‘Yes I do, but how will you do it?’ she gazed into my eyes with hope. ‘I promise I will get him back’ I said and walked out because I didn’t want her to see me breaking down. I had promised Silver to get Kevin back but even I didn’t know what to do next. I sat down and started on Facebook.

One by one going friend to friend. It took two days for me to reach him. I didn’t even go to a college meet Silver or talked to her. Finally, the third day I got to meet him. I went to his house met him. He told me that he left Gilen just after that incident and he was really felt guilty about what he did. I told him if he wanted to get silver back. He should come to the city park at 5 in the evening. He seemed very happy to me he said thank you to me and asked me why I was helping them. I had no answer to give him. What could have I told that I love her that’s why I want to be with the person whom she will be happy with? I reached at four to pick Silver from her house.

She was looking amazingly beautiful. Her open hair had me hypnotized, she didn’t do any makeover but still, that was the perfect portrait of beauty, it was like Adonis herself was walking with me. In the car Silver was happy but still, she seemed to be in some dilemma. We reached park silver and I was walking together towards the place where we all were meeting. But Silver had a very slow pace opposite of how she walks every time. It was really hard for me too. Walk with the person I love to just leave her with a person who had already betrayed her once. Was I doing the right thing? I asked myself but now it was too late for me to think of all this. Her each step was a knock at my heart.

They met finally. It was a blind silence for some seconds he greeted her first with a sorry. They came close and hugged. That hug lasted for a quarter of seconds then Kevin went on knees and asked her out again saying ‘I know I did mistakes but I promise that I would never let you down again. Silver Christein I love you…Would you like to restart with me’ she looked at him for reasons. She then softly said yes he came up and hugged each other this time it was shorter than the previous one. Silver went with Kevin and I came home alone.

I finally let the dams of my feeling open. I was alone in the car, had all my space to cry my heart out. I was breaking down slowly realizing that I fell in true love for the first time and had nothing that I could have done to get her. I was waiting to see her next day waiting to see that face glow with a smile. It would be a healer on my wounds.





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