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Chapter 1

The Anonymous 

Again a dull morning in New World University. With colours of new light in my life. Everyone is in the stress of completing their assignments except one, who never is in stress nowadays; she has started to live her life now.  As I pull out my assignments. ‘Ryan!!’ I hear my name from a very heartening source. Which I am used to now.  It was her; I am in love with vibration which voice causes in my heart. It was Silver, the most beautiful girl anyone in the world would have ever seen, her beauty was like a white sapphire presented to mankind by God in the most beautiful manner.  

We are in the final year of our college. Silver is the most popular girl in our college. Everyone just waits to see her smile but that smile comes only for one person, and I feel really privileged that I am that person. I am Ryan Marter. Born and bought up here in Bangalore. I was a very bright student from the beginning, smart, well built, was cool with everything as there was hardly anything which would affect me. This was till the time I met Silver. I saw Silver for the first time when I was a fresher here and it was my first day of the college. I came a month late after the starting of the college.

I understood that I was going to have a really good time here. I climbed the stairs observing everyone and as I entered the class for me everything was a blur and my focus set on a sparkling beauty; sitting on the second last bench…looking down...In despair...My excitement was clocked I was stunned by the sad beauty. Trapped in the hurricane of the confusion of why that beauty was sad? I felt that there is no such beauty existing like which was seen in her eyes. I was standing at the door and had no way to move in my mind, and then, my feet starting guiding me on their own. I went and sat on the last bench behind her. I was lost in the paradise of her beauty. I spent my day looking at her how she braided her hair during class how she was always lost in some thoughts, how she had bent her head in style remarking the symbol of her name. Silver was really admirable and I was doing that the whole day but to myself, I couldn’t let my thoughts come out they were just in my mind talking to myself. At last the final bell rang.  Everyone started to pack their bags as now it was time for us to home. But Silver was in a ready position as the bell rang she pulled her bag and was as fast as lighting she got out. I wondered what her secret was. Thinking that I started to walk out of the class when I saw silvers assignment book in her desk, I thought I should give it back before she leaves as it will be a good chance for me to talk to her. I immediately picked it up and ran downstairs. I saw her; she was in the college parking, trying to take her scooty out which was stuck between two bikes. I went to her and said, “I guess you forgot your book in the class”. I tried to get her attention but she without even looking at me grabbed the book from my hand. “Thank you” I heard in a really low voice. But this was music to my ears this was the first time I heard her speak since morning. I said “you are welcome” trying to make eye contact but…failed. I started to move away in the opposite direction when I heard her voice again “ouchhhh” when I turned back I saw her leg stuck in the side stand of the bike and she was on the ground trying to make her balance. I rushed to her and picked her up but by her look, I could make out she was a bit annoyed but she didn’t resist when I was picking her up. I asked her if I could help her with the scooty. This time looking into my eyes she said: “try if you can”. It was breathtaking for me. The movement of her lips just drove me to heaven and back. I manoeuvred the scooty out with ease safely. But before I could hand over the scooty properly she placed her hands on the handle and sat on it. I was nervous in front of her my words hesitated but I wanted to say that before she went and I did it. “Would you mind giving a drop to me until the main signal”. With hopes in my eyes and prayers in my heart, I asked her but she said “I am sorry! I am in a hurry.” And before I could say the next word it was just flying dust in front of me. That day I spent my time at my home thinking about her, there was something in the depth of the oceans of her dreams and I wanted to swim across all those thoughts. 

    The next day I went to the college with hopes to get to know her more. I went to the same last bench and sat waiting for her to come. Everyone in the class opposite of the previous day people in the class was, talking to me. I got introduced to everyone in the class. I found a guy named Steve very cool and friendly. He offered me to come to the front benches and sit with them. I refused politely. I didn’t tell them about my attraction towards the girl sitting on the second last bench but I did ask them about her. They were quite uneasy to talk about her. But Steve told me her name and said “silver was the first one to take admission in the college but she was never seen cheerful she is always dull and sitting alone not talking to anyone” he also warned me to stay away from her as they feel something is wrong with her. ‘Something’ I understood something is wrong but she wasn’t like that there is something which has made her like that and my heart wanted that smile to be restored on her face.

     The bell for the first period rang but she didn’t come until then. I understood she isn’t going to come today so I asked permission from the lecturer and moved a bench forward. After five minutes of the class, the door opens and it was her, walking in, with the fast movement of her slim legs without caring about any kind of formalities. The walk! It was stunning. The blue-black denim was suiting perfectly on those hips. The movement gave me a jaw drop. I was flat in front of her beauty. With her one hand moving over her French braided hair she came next to me. She stood there for a movement looking at me. I understood that I wasn’t supposed to be here I picked up all my stuff and started to back when a sweet voice stopped my feet once more “You can sit if you want, it’s okay!” said silver sitting on one corner of a bench looking at me. With a quick movement I sat there with pleasure. I kept my bag on the ground and moved a bit towards her. She kept her bag on the bench creating a border between us indicating me to stay in my limits. During the class, she was sitting straight but when the teachers were out or during the break she was seen with her head down on the bench. 

    I wanted to know why was it like this but was scared to ask. I rehearsed everything in my mind but couldn’t gather the courage to put my words on a platform. Silver noticed my strange behaviour she tilted her head slightly and asked me “what’s wrong”. “Nothing” I replied understanding my how insane was I looking. But her question gave me the confidence to put forward my question. “Why were you in a hurry yesterday?” I asked with after gathering all my courage. She gave me a puzzled look for some time and said: “I had to go somewhere urgently”. I wasn’t satisfied as I wanted to know more. But had to end that there to continue I said “hi! I am Ryan Marter”. “Hi, my name is silver”.

                                                                                             TO BE CONTINUED…………….





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