Silver The Sad Beauty | Chapter 4; Love Realized | Novel

Chapter 4Love Realized

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The next day I reached the college early, I was excited to see her smile. At least it would be my consolation. I went to our bench and sat waiting for her to come. The bell rang class started, after five minutes the door opened marking Silver’s entry into the class. I thought she would come colorfully but she was just in a black top with black bottoms. Though black didn’t do much but enhanced her beauty the colors were missing. Silver was walking fast in her old style. She came and sat down. Everything was the same; she still had that smile missing.

I was hurt more. ‘Hi silver’ I greeted her waiting for a reply. She continued her work; she took her book out and shuffled between the pages. I was confused and shocked. ‘What happened Silver? You are not happy? Is everything okay?’ ‘Yes, Ryan! Everything is fine. ‘Silver yelled at me ’I am very happy, thank you very much, okay? That’s what you wanted right? Sacrificing and all. Thank you so much for what you did. You can leave now’ I was stunned by the reaction. She was angry but I knew this anger was not because of what I did. After that class, I kept my mouth shut. I thought I would ask her straight after college because I didn’t want to get scolded again in college. When the final bell rang Silver picked her bag and moved as quickly as possible. I tried to stop her but she gave an annoyed look and walked away. I followed her till the parking but she was fast enough to escape. I didn’t want her to go into that hookah bar again I ran behind her without my cycle leaving it behind. I was running with all my potential. Silver again took a left from the signal. I wanted to stop her before she enters there.

When I took a turn I saw her going straight without stopping. And within seconds she was out of my sight. I was clueless about what was happening with me. I took my cycle and went home. My sleepless nights were more difficult now whenever I closed my eyes I could see silver walking away from my life. The alarm rang and I still was fighting with my thoughts and questions. I got up and got ready for college. I went late on purpose. I was waiting for Silver outside the college gate since I didn’t want to have a conversation inside the class. The bell rang on time and I knew what would happen five minutes later. The watch went eight-thirty, I was waiting for half an hour but there were no signs of Silver.  I spent my whole day sitting outside the college waiting for Silver. I waited till college ended after that I picked up my cycle and with all the energy I had I rushed in the direction of her house. I was scared that Silver doesn’t take any wrong decision. I was in extreme potential I jumped signal skipped traffic and reached the ‘mount villa’.

My legs were not in my control I crossed the hundred-yard walkway within seconds and without a knock, I crashed into their house. Silver’s beautiful mother was standing over there giving me a strange look I quickly introduced myself to her and asked where Silver was. Her aged but young looking fair hands pointed towards her room and she said ‘she is in there packing her stuff’. I actually didn’t listen to the rest of the sentence and jumped into her room. She was actually packing, keeping all of her clothes in a mini trolley bag. She saw me and the glow her face increased she seemed really happy looking at me but within a second it was replaced by an annoyed reaction. She said ‘You shouldn’t be here’ continued her packing now totally ignoring my presence. I asked her ‘Where are you going Silver? ’ she didn’t reply and continued her work. But now I was not in a mood to let her escape from my questions. I held her hand and pulled her close ‘answer me silver, what’s wrong? Is everything okay with Kevin?’ she looked at me, and all the pain came directly into her eyes. She said ‘I left him’ my heart skipped a beat when I heard that ‘why? What happened now?’

I asked with all my curiosity. She had all the innocence in her eyes and the pain reflected the innocence beautifully when she said ‘because it wasn’t meant to be. Ryan’ ‘and where are you going now?’ I asked again she got back her annoying side and pulled her hand away and said ‘ I am going to New York, going to start work there’ ‘what are you do there you don’t even have a college degree? Who is going to give you work there?’ I exclaimed. ‘Hoes don’t require any degree! They are also respected there.’ she justifies. ‘Don’t call yourself that, please’ I said with tears filling up my eyes. She didn’t notice them and said ‘my destination is final’ she said I couldn’t control my feelings ‘okay fine!’ I aid and ran away from there.

I picked up my cycle and started to drag it on the way to my home. When coming out of the main gate I saw an airport cab going in, I understood. I headed towards my home. My feet were being resistant to walk this time. Ii felt brick tied to my ankle. For every step, I was taking my heart was knocked out. I tried everything to bring back smile on silver’s face but I don’t know where I went wrong. I understood how she used to feel. On the way, my home was the bar which she used to visit I stood in front of it and thought. ‘Maybe this may give me strength if it helped Silver.’  With all my fear, strength gasping away with easy steps I moved forward ‘NOT YOU THIS TIME!  It doesn’t deserve to have you inside’ said a familiar voice which bought back life into my half-dead soul. I turned back quickly and saw that divine beauty standing herself, it was Silver with that same airport cab. It bought a smile on my face and the best part about that moment was, Silver had a smile on her face, it was the most beautiful scene of my life still portrayed in my memory.

It was the most beautiful makeup or ornament she could have ever worn. I couldn’t believe she was there. I asked her why was she there so she laughed slightly that giggle was all the answer I needed. I ran to her and grabbed her in my arms. Our tears were replaced by the warmth of pure love. Our hug healed all the broken pieces of our hearts. ‘I love you too Ryan, I love you too’ she whispered in my ear. I hugged her more tightly giving my answer because words couldn’t define my feelings for her. We hugged for over ten minutes experiencing each other’s love endlessly.

I finally got my love. Love the one which starts someone and love which ends one’s life we have come to the final year of my college life and I am still thankful to God for bringing me here. Perfect things leave us that’s why I think mine and Silver’s love has more to go and it’s never going to be perfect because true love never has an ending.  Again a dull morning in New World University. With colors of new light in my life…. “Love that separates you still brings you close love that breaks you still binds you to close….!”





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