Short Story; Two Brothers

The other brother, filled with remorse, choose to stay and tried to make amends to the villagers he had wronged before.

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Once upon a time in a far away village  there lived two brothers. Since they were twins they both were very likable and none of the villagers could easily distinguish between them. As the boys grew up  circumstances made them fall into bad company and made them very mischievous and  undisciplined. Most of the wise and grown up  villagers tried to correct them but in vain, the two brats paid no heed at all for any of the good advice they received. Their  mischievous behaviour turned really serious when they began stealing sheep’s from the local farmers as they wanted to lead an easy life without working much hard like the fellow village youths.

In time the villagers caught the thieves by setting up a trap to catch them, however  all  the thieves escaped the trap but the two brothers were caught much to their dismay and bad luck.

The local farmers decided their fate the next day: the two brothers would be hot branded on the forehead with the letters ‘ST’ which stood for “Sheep Thief”. The brothers had to carry this sign for the rest of their life.
One brother was so embarrassed by this that he ran away, never to be seen again.

The other brother, filled with remorse, choose to stay and tried to make amends to the villagers he had wronged before. Whenever there was a sickness, he came forward to care for the ill and whenever there was work needing to be done, he would help. He never accepted any extra reward for his good deeds and took only as much he needed to survive , altogether he lived his life for others.

Many years later, a traveller came through the village. Sitting at a village side hotel eating lunch, the traveller saw an old man, the villagers who passed the old man stopped to share a kind word; children stopped their play to give and receive a warm hug. The traveller also noticed that this old man had  a strange brand on his forehead,  the mark was resembling like that of his father and so was the face of this old man. Curious and shocked the traveller asked the person sitting next to him “Who is this old man and what does that strange band on the man’s forehead stand for?”

“ Sir, he is a very  wise and helpful man. But I don’t know what does that “ST” on his forehead stand for. It happened very long ago,”  the cafe owner replied. Then, pausing briefly for a moment of reflection, he continued, “but I think it stands for Saint”. The traveller was shocked on hearing the word ‘saint’, his eyes began turning moist as he stood up and walked towards his father’s look alIke, with each step he remembered the good deeds his father had done for the wellbeing of his only son as well as  the others who were in need just like a kind hearted ‘Saint’. The traveller regretted for neglecting his father in his final days and for not being able to get to know the value of his father.

God had given the traveller another chance just like he had given a chance to both the brothers the two brothers used it very well and the God was pretty satisfied with them. God gives this chance to everyone when they fail or do wrong things, it all depends on the man on how he uses it.

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