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Few years back, on a winter evening, she was sitting in her room, on her bed, with legs stretched and browsing on her laptop, if my memory is not wrong, she was going through some YouTube music videos, watching some lyrical videos and trying to learn the lyrics of one of her favorite song. At the same time (in the background) her phone was also ringing, which had the ringtone of the same song that she was listening to, so she didn’t notice the ringtone nor she didn’t noticed the vibration since the phone was kept little away on the table to get it charged.

the first surprise bronbi

When the YouTube auto-play setting switched to another song, she suddenly noticed the ringtone. With little hurry she suddenly got up from the bed and took the phone, by that time the call ended.

Girl : Oooh shit.. 2 missed calls and I didn’t here, dumb meh. πŸ™ Craap… I don’t have balance to call back too, should I take credit? (She really wanted to attend that call, but she couldn’t that disappointment is seen on her face, and her expression makes it more clear. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough balance to call back also,. poor girl).

Again the phone started ringing, the smile and blush on her face made it more clear that, that call or that person is special to her.

Girl : hellooo…. whatsup?

Man : Where were you girl, I have been trying to talk to you, but no response?

Girl : Ohh man.. I’m sorry, I was little busy, πŸ˜›

Man : Ooye girl, don’t exaggerate. Okay

Girl : he he.. actually phone was little away from me, so didn’t notice the ringtone.

Man :Ahh okay. See, tonight I’m going for the trip, that I mentioned few days back, which me and my friends were planning for a long time.

Girl : Cool… so all set ready to go?

Man : Yeah almost. Now you tell me what should I get you from there?

Girl : Ooh please.. don’t be so formal, I don’t want anything. Go, enjoy your days, have fun, be happy and come back safely.

Man: That’s fine, but you must tell me something, but I’m not sure whether I can get a thing or not, nor I’m giving you any promise. So you have a wide choice, and tell me something big or small, portable or not portable, touchable or not touchable. I don’t mind πŸ˜‰

Girl : lolβ€¦πŸ˜‚ Well, I want this “——” 😊

Man : Ehhh? What? this “—–“? Are you loose (mad) ?
You psycho, how will I bring something like this “—–“?

Girl : Man, you asked me to say something, and I asked for something and now you are like ‘what?’ ‘this?’ What man? Anything wrong?

Man : No girl, nothing at all.. Haan lemme see.

Girl : Cool, that’s my man πŸ™Œ

Man : Listen, I guess I won’t be available in phone all these days. So, texting, calling, all these may not work.

Girl : No problem, all these are understood. Chill broo.. and have a great time.

the first surprise bronbi

Few days back he returned. Both were waiting to see each other, he had also brought”that thing” for her.

What she asked was such a silly, simple thing, but he made it very special and brought it in it’s way which she never dreamt of, which made her feel how special she was and how such silly, simple things can turn out be more precious. And that was his first surprise for her.

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