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One important habit which must be inculcated in every child as soon as he or she enters into the student life is reading.

Reading is a powerful weapon to tackle Every issue you come across in your life.

reading habit bronbi

In today’s time when mobile phones and the internet is the priority for kids, the need for good and quality reading will still be there. Importance of reading skills should not be ignored no matter how many gadgets you have or how good your internet connection is.  The kids who indulge themselves in good reading are way ahead of those who spend all their time on random websites on the internet.

The importance of reading has seen to be declining in the younger generation as modern gadgets are replacing the books in their hands speedily. Reading skills enhance not only the learning capacity but also other aspects of the personality.

Even in today’s time, The importance of reading habits is because :

1- Reading increases focus

The more you read, the more you get a good hold over your attention. Reading increases your focus and allows you to stay focused for a longer period of time. This habit is important when you’re planning to go for competitive exams like GRE, UPSC, IELTS etc.

2- Vocabulary Hike

The competitive exams these days namely SSC (CGL and LDC), IELTS, GRE etc check your vocabulary as a major section of the question paper. Vocabulary is something which can only be improved if you have a good reading habit in your regular life. If you think you can have a good vocabulary just by preparing 1 or two weeks before the exams and you can improve on your reading skills then you’re sadly mistaken.

It needs regular and quality reading habit.

3- Boosts up your knowledge

Books can be your best friends. If you can value them today, they will value you throughout your life. The lifelong love for books will always keep you updated with knowledge and you can never feel the lack of knowledge in yourself ever. In fact, it works by increasing your thirst for books. Therefore, if you fall in love with books today, this relationship will go on till the end of your life and it will never betray you.

reading habit bronbi

4-  Improves communication

Importance of reading also can be seen when you are going for an interview or when you are talking to a reputed person. If you’re a good reader, the confidence that you have while talking to anybody is completely different. You feel confident from inside. Hence reading skills also enhance your communication skills.

5- Enhances peaceful sleeping

Have you ever seen those bedtime story books for children in the market? Why do you think there are special bedtime story books? Reading provides you with peaceful sleep. Many famous writers, authors and bloggers have said in their interviews that they love reading and they read especially before going to bed. The famous Indian novelist Preeti Shenoy is a voracious reader. She plans to finish around 100 books this year. She has said it in her blog post and in a lot of interviews also that she reads till her eyes blur. She’s a Great inspiration for the young minds of today.

6- Reading influences your personality

Like movies and TV programs influence you, reading influence your minds in many ways. If you can choose wisely the kind of books you should read to enhance your reading skills, you can change a lot about your personality in the grooming years of your life. You become what you read.

reading habit bronbi

7- The deep study will always go a long way.

When in today’s time social media affects our lives in so many ways and we get the news bites from memes and not from any quality newspaper, you can imagine how much of myths would be there in our minds. It is important to learn to segregate true information from the trash which the media and social media provides us these days and it can only be done when you are well versed with the issues from their roots. The surface study will never help you in life.

Just as much as healthy eating is important in life, healthy reading is equally important.

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