The Right To Live Is Beyond All Equality Walls|Political Murders Leading Kerala To A Lunatic Asylum

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If a Party denies an individual's right to live, then there is no point in building walls or mountains to protect equality.
If a Party denies an individual's right to live, then there is no point in building walls or mountains to protect equality.

Do We need to look at the color of the flag, when the people around us are dying? This time its Mohanlal, a well-known figure in our country has come forward with the question. In his new blog, he addressed the extremist activities that happened in the north as well the south. Do we have the right to take a life, given by his/her parents? Do we Need murders? The Questions that disturbs the common man really has to be answered.

What is the difference between the terrorists who martyred the soldiers at the north and the murderers who killed those 2 young men in the south? Literally, there is nothing. Both of the issues are similar and terrible. If it was a national affair in the north, here in the south it was a pure political rivalry. In both Scenarios, the losses have been similar. If it was the protectors of the country in the north, here, in the south, it was the protectors of their families who have shed their blood.

When we saw the tears of Abimanyu’s mother or Shuaib’s father last year, we thought, it will never happen again in our state. Not a single year has been passed since Abhimanyu’s death, here come the next victims to the list. When we look to their political beliefs, these boys might belong to a different list. But when we look to the tears of their parents, all of them belong to the same category. The saga might continue and tomorrow it might be your parents in the place of those fathers and mothers. Here, Politics come first, then only humanity.

“Every single leader will get shredded into pieces in such a way that their bodies won’t be in a position to get cremated”, How can a reputed member of a respected party make comments like this? Yes, this might be just a small portion of his big speech, but being a politician you shouldn’t make such comments. Especially In Kerala, the majority of boys are high on their adrenaline. They might be over conscious about their beliefs and all. Few might take it to their heart and do as per their bigger leaders say.

How can we celebrate the death of someone? Anyway, they were not a goat or cow. Those boys were not just their enemies. They were good sons, good brothers, good friends and above all, they were good citizens. The culprits could have at least look at their age. The government has to answer all these people. People out there in that small village can’t forgive those culprits. They have spoiled an auspicious day in their village. When the family, friends and the common people mourned with tears and tales of gratitude, culprits celebrated in joy. This is not in a movie but in one of our villages.

In Kerala, Politics come first, then only humanity.
In Kerala, Politics come first, then only humanity.

Everyone should come out of the social media and should stand by this family. Because tomorrow it can be happened to us also. We have the responsiblity to make sure that the original criminals are caught or not. Whenever a crime or murder happens in our state, the respective political party expels the party members for alleged involvement in the crime. And behind the curtain, they will do whatever required for them. Health status and parols of such culprits have been a trending topic in Kerala, since last 2-3 years.

If the party is not involved in this case, then why should the ex-MLA of that party offer protection to the family of the Culprit? Seeing the innocent family, he might offer a helping. But the humanitarian, being an ex-MLA also, didn’t even visit the house of those two young boys. So it doesn’t make any sense. Everything including this has to be enquired. Its the right of their parents to express their doubts and here their tears weigh more than any political influence.

‘Humanity comes first, then only politics’;- Its high time to teach this basic principle to the sensitive fools out here. If everyone started murdering the ones who have different Perspectives, just opposite to theirs, then what would be the situation? If a Party denies an individual’s right to live, then there is no point in building walls or mountains to protect equality. Similarly, Parents out here, make sure that your Sons and daughters live with well-defined perspectives, and at the same time don’t let them fall to knives of someone. Because no party in our state guarantees the right to live. Politics is blind here;- You have to be blind and accepts whatever the Party do.

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