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✍Oh, world! Don’t judge my child
She’s still not well known
Oh, world! Don’t hurt my child
She’s so innocent
I have left my child with you
I would have stayed if I could
I wish I could have lived
A few more years
To see my child grow
To see her laughter
And her agonies
Her love, her sufferings
Her poems
To pamper her when needed
To boost her at times
I wish I could feed my child
I wish I could see her enjoying!
Oh! My child is naive
She knows not pragmatism
She knows not
Your evil designs
People will profane her ..
Oh, my child!
World! You’re just
Inextricable from availness
And I know she’s not
Amongst you
She’s different
She’s sober
She’ll fall the first step
Oh God! My child is alone
Oh, God! She needs me
She knows not all
Men and women are not just
She knows not life’s harshness
She’s so ethereal
She’s so pure
Her heart is drenched in tears
She would be missing me
Bemoaning and lamenting for me
And here I am
Bewailing for her…
Oh, Lord! Let me go back
To my child
Nobody is there to wipe her tears
And no one to share her solitude
I wish I could have ran
From that bier
Where they laid me
for burial …
I left her in the cradle
I left her crying
Oh ! And I couldn’t see her
When she took her first step
I couldn’t hear her sweet voice
When she called “Mumma”
For the first time
I couldn’t see her when
Her tiny feet ran
Everywhere in our abode …
World ! She needs to learn
To balance her emotions
To live for herself
She needs to fight with
The vicious people encircling her
She needs to stop playing
Blind man’s buff
With the atrocities of life …
My child! Learn the vicissitudes
Come out of this melancholy
Baby! I am gone
And I am gone forever
I’m not coming back
Learn to live dear!
Learn to live…
Your life’s awaiting
Happiness is waiting for your love …
Child! You’ll cross a stage of life
Where you will fall for someone
Who’ll kiss your wounds
And will keep you
In his warm embrace
Whom you’ll marry and
Start a new life ahead …
A new world is waiting for love
To embrace you in its folds
Go, my child! Go!
Live, a happy life
This is what I am praying for
This is what I want to see
My bonny daughter’s beautiful face
When she’ll be wearing a bridal dress
I’ll be with you that day
Just feel me around
And I would be so happy
To see my baby’s grinning face…
And one day,
You will have your own family
You’ll have a daughter too
Just like I do
Love her dearly
Be a good mother
Teach your daughter
What I have failed
To teach you…
My child! My life’s no more
But you have yours
Don’t ruin it…
World! Hold my child,
She’s so innocent…!✍

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10 shares, 21 points

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