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Your hair sways with the wind Welcoming you with a greeting While you sit, alone Looking at someone writing you a song....

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The scent of your feet 

After you walk on the sands

With the sunset kissing them

Seem serene enough to watch

And then watching you run

Counts as a treat  

Someone sits down, alone

Writing a song about you

But you never know

For you’re too busy looking far and further away at the sun which sets..

Still doubting your consciousness

You anchor yourself down

To the floor of the seas  

You try swimming faster, 

But that’s not enough

And before you know

You’re already at the bottom

When you try to reach up

Opening your eyes

Trying to stare at the sun.

You feel it’s easier to breathe 

But soon later

The waves engulfs you 

And inside it feels to you like as if

The fishes are to flying

And the plants are to dancing

The water seems to be strong enough

To always be landing a kiss

All over you as long as you’re inside it

And it seems funny 

How it’ll be forever

Because it’s your home

Where you don’t resurface

And even when you want to Forget 

You tell yourself that this darkness is it’s home.

Your hair sways with the wind

Welcoming you with a greeting

While you sit, alone

Looking at someone writing you a song

And when he looks away

You pretend to fall asleep

And then he walks nearby

adding a line

Saying he likes it when you sleep

For you’re so beautiful

yet so unaware

of it

And he drops the sheets

And walks away while you open your eyes and scurry

The wind makes it fly

Away, and away

And it’s no longer anywhere.

And when you return

There’s one sheet left astray 

The wind kisses your face

And it seems familiar

The waters never seemed this light

But you were the last poem someone wrote 

Before he wrote how

He always wanted to die, sometimes…

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12 shares, 61 points

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