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✍I embarked upon a new journey,
A journey I knew very little about
Here, I am the slave of my soul
I thought
I’ll bring power
I’ll demolish the devilish norms
I’ll frown away the treasures
The treasures of time and boundless
Expectations of mysterious tomorrows…

The coloured bottle in my hand,
It bore a new life for me,
My coloured life
As you called it…
And so I break open
The cap and drank it;
I felt the pleasure of being
Liquid, and melting in the flesh of
My body in the tears,
That I shared with the memories
Of you and me
But never really you!
I licked every single drop
That dipped from it and
I savoured the feeling
Of having you in my arms
When actually,
You were never there…

I took the burning stick in my hand and
I made whirls,
Of smoke…I loved the smell
It makes me hazy…
It makes me feel you’re around…
I could feel your arms around me
When I blew a puff;
So I carried on with my new life
A new journey I knew very little about…

And when I blew the puff
I knew my buds aren’t liking it
I knew I burn my tongue,
But burning was my heart inside
The ashes coagulated
With my tears and it rests
On my restless heart now …
“Love what you see
And live what you feel”
You always said
See!!! I’m loving the way you live your life
And I’m living the poison that you feel…
“What you are leaving behind is what
Your past is called,
Your blunt past that did not good…
And took him away!!!”, Life shouted at me…

It was half pressed in my lips,
When I burn it again,
I took the bottle in my hand
And sipped it once again,
You know, my throat burnt
It was burning and I was sinking
In the world of my deadly desires
Sometimes to get you
And at times to forget you!
This bottle and stick ruled my life
This going down from my mouth
To my throat and finally
To settle down in the corners
Of my heart, never to come out
Never to come out…!!
I savoured it, I lived it
Because you loved it,
I broke the promises
I broke down myself
I kissed the new journey,
A journey I knew very little about…
Today, with whatever I did
Whatever I said,
And even after soaking my life
In your ways,
The ways you imagined me to be
The things that make you happy…
After every single thing that I did here,
Just to get your heart skip a beat for me
When I’m around,
To have your faith in me,
In us,
To steal you from your
Different life,
Which was so different to be mine
I knew what I gained and
I knew what I lost…
I earned your giggles over the bar table
I earned your lying eyes on me
I earned your ignorant attitude
Towards the fact that I
Accepted it because if you!
I drank it because of you and
I puffed because of you!

Withing the time’s crest and falls,
Outraging the boundaries
Of me, what I earned is something
Withing the time’s crest and falls,
I have nothing left
To woo you back,
Not even this burning stick worked…
And one day,
On that journey, that I knew very little about
I Lost you…✍

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