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Starting this review with a wonder if it is only me who could not hate Jean Baptiste after watching this movie. ‘Perfume’, is an 18th-century movie which tells us the story of a murderer Jean Baptiste – the hero, who has an incisive sense of smell and his irrepressible obsession for the smells – good or bad, no matter what, turning him into a murderer. The question “How to preserve smells?” is what drives Jean Baptiste to an eccentric youth. The way ‘Perfume’ pictures Baptiste’s birth, childhood, youth and fight for survival is marvellous, the magnificence can’t be put into words.  There are scenes that will leave you numb.

Perfume the story of a murderer

This movie has the finest performance and is a treat to your eyes for sure. Patrick Suskind deserves some real appreciation for his story and imagination and Tom Tykwer really succeeded in directing this movie. Baptiste himself is a mystery in the movie. You come across the fact that whenever he is handed over the person who sells him perishes and the one who buys him prospers. This is evident from, his mother being hanged for abandoning him to, the Nose(the perfumer, who last bought him) dying in a house collapse. Towards the climax we see Baptiste reaching the pinnacle of what he wanted to be. At the execution sequence, he uses his love perfume before a huge crowd and the scene turned into the largest orgy scene. Despite the fact that he murdered 13 women, people worship him as an angel and calls out that he couldn’t have done anything wrong.

perfume the story of a murderer

In the end, we see Baptiste using the same love perfume in Paris but it turned into cannibalism – people ate him. This could probably be so because we have two different crowds. At the first place we had a bunch of well-fed people including a religion’s head and in the second scene, which marked the end of the movie we have poor hungry people(this is just an opinion). Baptiste’s realisation that he still lacks ‘something’ (a smell of his on indeed) is what contributed to the last scene. ‘Perfume’ is really a different experience and if you are a person who loves watching something completely path-breaking should definitely watch this movie.

perfume the story of a murderer climax scene

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