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The most-awaited movie Peranbu finally got released in theatres yesterday. And the movie is getting rave reviews from critics as well as the common audience. There was so much expectation surrounding the movie since it was screened at many international film festivals and even won a few awards even before its official release.

Peranbu is as unpredictable as it could get. The narrative is often non-linear, still, it isn’t very complex, yet it is so brilliantly made that the audience might not be able to guess what might happen next. Peranbu tells a very unconventional story, and it’s not just unconventional, it’s also so bold that it could make the common audience cringe at their seats while watching the movie.

There are many great actors in our country. But there are only a very few like the Megastar Mammootty. This man has delivered one of his finest performances in Peranbu. The movie is mostly focused on Mammootty’s character Amudhavan and his daughter who is diagnosed with spastic paralysis. He narrates the twelve important chapters from his life. And its all about the father-daughter relationship. There are quite a few scenes in the movie were the director captured only the facial expressions of Mammootty. And all those scenes were quite intense and had a lot of depth in it. Only a daring director would attempt to do that. And I personally think it was the directors trust in the actor Mammootty that made him do that. The entire story and intensity of those scenes were directly reflected on the actor’s face and every audience, in spite of their intellectual level was able to understand the psyche of the character just his subtle expressions.

Sadhana, who played the character Papa, is extraordinarily convincing in the movie. Never even at a tiny point, the audience would feel like she was acting in the movie and perhaps many of the audience might have thought that the girl was actually autistic in real life as well. She played the character with such meticulous care.

(small spoilers and personal opinion ahead;)

The best quality of any art form, in my opinion, is the space for reinterpretation. After watching a quality movie, one could ponder into deep thoughts concerning its story and characters. Peranbu delivers the same experience. And what I coudn’t get off of my head was the character Amudhavan. I tried to understand the psyche of the character. This effect of trying to explore the psyche of the character in a movie, is rare. And that’s where the director of this movie has achieved. Hats off to the director Ram!

Amudhavan is an emotional and sensitive character and moreover, he is also very innocent. For many years he tried to hide himself from his family and stayed abroad, not ready to confront the reality of having an autistic daughter. Perhaps he was not ready to accept the reality or maybe he was just too weak that he didn’t want to accept the reality. While his wife was taking care of the daughter, Amudhavan must’ve thought his daughter would be much better in her mother’s hands. And maybe that reason gave him a chance to escape from his responsibility and he literally did that. But it was really evident that Amudhavan cared and loved for his daughter no matter what.

The twelve chapters in the movie are actually the evolving phase of the character Amudhavan. The film begins with Amudhavan taking responsibility for his life and daughter. And from there he evolves and matures into a much better human being. He was always a man with a good heart, but it was after these 12 chapters of his life, he truly discovered himself and matured into a more loving human being. His heart wasn’t stone, to begin with, but he really did evolve into a better man that understood and spread unconditional love.

There are three occasions in the movie where Amudhavan confronts three different women in his life. And he handles the three situations entirely differently. The first one where he faces Viji, the woman who deceived him in an appalling way, he maintains his composure and even goes to the extent where he even apologises to her husband. And in the second situation, he has to face his ex-wife who ran away with another man abandoning their disabled daughter. This is one of the spectacular scenes in the movie. We are only shown the facial expressions of Amudhavan in this scene. He doesn’t speak much here. He listens to his ex-wife’s husband and learns dramatic new information and it baffles him. And the entire depth of the character’s psyche is meticulously reflected on Amudhavan’s face. This is where “Mammootty-The mega actor” is important. His flawless performance is the entire soul of the movie.

There’ s a scene where Amudhavan wakes up and finds menstrual blood stains of his daughter on the bed. There are no dialogues in this scene, yet the audience completely understands that he is startled and doesn’t know what to do. He does feel lost and helpless, being a single father of a disabled daughter. Mammootty acted that part so well that along with character’s struggle, the audience also suffered with him. There are many such situations in the movie.

mammootty anjali ameer peranbu

Any good method actor could have pulled off the role of Amudhavan. But then the movie would’ve become something entirely different. Mammootty truly is the perfect choice for Peranbu. To play Amudhavan, it requires everything that Mammootty has; acting calibre, manly voice, charisma as well as his handsome appearance. Also, another important factor why Mammootty is the perfect choice is because he is the megastar.

If any other actor had played the role, this movie might not have got the attention that it has now. Being a superstar, and taking a role like this is the boldest decision an actor could make. Only very few actors, especially superstars have defied stereotypes like Mammootty has, like in this movie. There are many “talks” and situations in the movie, that are completely unconventional to Indian Cinema. The transgender issue, sex, menstruation and such things which are usually “conveniently avoided” in mainstream Indian movies are discussed throughout Peranbu.

Peranbu is a game changer for film makers and Mammootty has set a new bar for our Superstars in the Indian Film industry. The future of Indian cinema looks really promising.

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