Past And Future Should Decide The Present|Vote For Yourself

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If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain.
If you don't vote, you don't have the right to complain.

The election in India is a festival that occurs in every 5-years. Being the Largest Democracy, we, the people of India celebrate this festival just like we celebrate Kumbh-Mela and all. The Festival is already started in the country and tomorrow it is going to its third phase. Many noted States like Kerala will go to booths tomorrow. There is a question spreading among the general public in the country and probably this question might become a trend in the future. Yes, Why Should We Vote? What will happen if we don’t vote?

This is a question, we hear from ages. “Do You Recognise me? am your Voter”. Certainly, every voter in India heard this phrase. When the election comes near, people in Whites visit your houses, even touches your feet and ask this same question. And the same person who touches your feet will disappear after getting your vote. We are seeing this cycle too from ages. Whether it be Left, Right or center, the story usually remains the same. Apart from a few exceptions, in the majority cases, the candidate ran away with a box full of votes. 5 years later they will come back with a box full of money. And still begs. This is how a common man in India thinks and this is what usually happens.

Why should we still vote? In our country, nearly half of the people don’t cast their vote. This means that the reaming half select the people who will rule us. Certainly, the major count of remaining half belongs to a particular party or to people with a fixed ideology. They will have a stance before itself. This stance is usually inherited from their parents or evolved from their villages. And they just blindly vote. Whatever happens in the previous five years, the majority will only stick to their principles. They just forget the past. This probably denies the ability of a country to grow. This is what seen in states like Kerala. Even if they kill your father, they won’t change their vote. This is probably destroying our democracy. The ones who don’t vote will certainly start to complain.

Your Vote can be your protest as well your tool for a better future.
Your Vote can be your protest as well your tool for a better future.

You vote or not, these blind ones will definitely vote. But if you certainly vote, then you can definitely bring the change. You can express your anger through your vote. If he or she did well, you can express your gratitude. Similarly, you can express your hope too. We may be left stranded with nothing. We might wait for him or her in the long five years. But still, we should vote. Your Vote can be your protest as well your tool for a better future. Vote For Yourself!

Above all, the Indian Constitution guarantees the right of freedom. So there is no need to stand here or there. You can stand anywhere and observe the system, then only vote. Voting is equally important as deciding what to study and where. You have to decide it, not others. The vote is an agent of change and every vote counts. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain. Keep that in mind! Remember those Lincoln words;- 
The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

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