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The first time I heard about the milky way was when I was a 4th grader and this topic amused me so much. I couldn’t take full of what my teacher taught but then milky way started to be a substance of curiosity. Here are some scientific things that I found out referring Richard Berry’s Discover the stars.
So Milky way is the galaxy to which we belong. This galaxy contains more than 300 billion stars, huge clouds of dust particles and gases. Astronomers say that Milky way would look like a gigantic pinwheel with bright centre if ever we could travel far beyond milky way and look back at it.

milky way
It is surprising to know that the milky way has a diameter of about 100,000 light years and has one of the most common galactic shapes – spiral. The galactic cluster the milky way belongs to is called the Local Group. This galaxy has 4 major parts: The nucleus or the centre of the milky way. Huge clouds of dust and gas block our view of the nucleus. Nucleus gives off huge amounts of energy and exerts a gravitational pull on the rest of the galaxy.
The central bulge contains vast numbers of old stars that may date back to the beginning of galaxy.

The Disk which extends out from the central bulge has many young stars and most of the galaxy’s dust and gas.
The Halo is a vast spherical group of stars surrounding milky way. It is estimated that the milky way galaxy is between 9 and 10 billion years old. It was probably formed from clouds of gas floating in the early universe. Investigating mysteries like these make astronomy interesting.

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