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 She flipped the menu card placed right in front of her on the table. She was out that day with Zuly to their favourite cafe which was about two kilometres from their place. It was the first time they went out after their board examinations.

“When is the Holi party in your locality ?” Aayat asked Zuly pretending to sound casual. Although Her nervousness was visible in the way she was pushing her micro nails into her skin as if she was planning for a burglary. She already decided what she was going to wear for the party. She knew that the party got postponed a little bit because of the board exams of students. Moreover, what she was most excited about was that Rishi would be there. She remembered him from the last time at a similar party which was on the New Year’s Eve. She knew this time it’s going to be more special. She has exchanged a few SMSs with Rishi in the last few days. She requested her mom to get her a msg card. They had a deal before her boards. Rishi was the first person she texted once she scratched the code and happily typed the digits on her relic Nokia mobile phone.

“it’s probably on this weekend, Sunday. You know how Sharma uncle is. He makes sure that all the parties are done on Sundays only”, Zuly said to Aayat moving the straw in her cold coffee.

The cafe was situated in the middle of a beautiful garden. It was really famous amongst the youngsters. She loved going there. She was very particular about the table that she chose to sit. It’s her favourite table near the window pane where she can see the greenery outside. This was the place she chose to sit and think for hours.

Rishi was on her mind since the day she went to his place for asking that set of problems. Zuly has been witnessing the growing curiosity in Aayat in the way she talked about Rishi. She was smart enough to understand that there was something going on on both the sides. Yet she was also very thoughtful to not ask Aayat about it directly. She was letting Aayat take her own sweet time before she admits something to Zuly. She wants her to surrender herself. Besides that, she has been keeping a keen eye on Rishi as well.  She has seen Rishi smiling alone in his room simply by looking at his mobile screen and typing (God knows what). Zuly has been observing for quite a while now.

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