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Locked in his room from the last 3 hours, he shuffled his cupboard to find a letter that Aayat wrote to him some 4 years back. It was not the only letter she wrote to him but it was the last. Strange girl she was ! In the 21stcentuary where social media have grown to become the obsession for people, she chose to write letters on birthdays, anniversaries, and in fact every occasion that can be celebrated or cannot be celebrated for that matter. Rishi, on the other hand never paid enough attention to them. Hence, he had lost all those letters she wrote to him long back.

“When I wont be there to tell you that I love you and I am proud of you, my letters will.” She said to him everytime he complained about a long letter on his birthdays and New Years. Though losing those letters doesn’t mean that he didn’t love her. He still does. He wasn’t just careful enough to keep them. He was a man of the present. He never thought about future. And this implied to not only the relationship he shared with Aayat but also to every other aspect of his life. She was the one who was concerned about their future. Like every other girl does in a relationship. It wasn’t Rishi’s fault to not think about the future especially when it came to the two of them. Their relationship could never be transformed into marriage. It wasn’t so easy for a normal sane mind to understand.

The difference was in their names. She wasShaikh! And He was Gujral. Obviously their names tell their story. They had the same skin, they wear the same emotions, they carry the same blood but they praised the one God differently . They knew everything yet they couldn’t accept it. Especially Aayat. Girls are emotionally weak when it comes to accepting realities. They don’t want to look beyond their comfort zone. They feel happy knitting a life of their dreams. That way, Aayat was no different. But the amount of love she possessed for him can never be fathomed by even Rishi himself. She knew it and after a certain point of time, he too accepted it.

backyard romantic painting

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