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Mumm…aaaa Maggieeeeeeeeeee…!!!! ”, Mishti almost shouted this time. From the last fifteen minutes she was banging her hands on the table, ringing the spoons and watching her favourite cartoon “Shin-chan”, and no wonder she learnt so much from that character. Everytime she sees Shimla Mirch in a dish, she just can’t help separating it. Last week she was crying because Disney channel doesn’t telecast “Action Kamen”. Aayat came running out of the kitchen with a bowl of Maggie. Waves of hot steam covered her face. She could see the anticipation in Mishiti’s eyes through the steam that how eagerly she was waiting for it. Her eyes lit up when she saw Maggie. As if she had seen Action kamen and Shin Chan live in front of her. Maggie and Shin Chan ruled her life. The way she smiles when she is surrounded by both of them can’t be matched. What else a four years old would find joy in.

“Presenting Maggieeee with a lot of cheese and no Shimla Mirch, just the way you like it, ma’am”. Aayat presented her a bowl of Maggie bowing down like she is presenting her the crown of Queen Victoria. Mishiti laughed whole heartedly. Her laughter is something that keeps the house alive. And Aayat is fond of her laughter so much that whenever she is with Mishiti she forgets that she ever had a life without her. Mishti completes her world. Indeed mishit was her world.
Mishiti ate Maggie with full concentration over it. She was a chubby little kid of four. She just started going to school. She was no less than a blessing for Aayat. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that if Aayat was alive today, it was because of Mishiti.
Aayat loved her more than anyone in her life. Well, there was no one to be loved.
Aayat was a young lady, just 28 to be precise. Last 8 years of her life have moulded her completely. As a young girl of 16, she was a stubborn teenager, restless all the time. She was one of those girls in her school and college who would be ready to fight all the time if she believes that her point is right and valid for the situation. She does that all the time. She would fight with people over everything that can be handled in a lot more ways other than just fighting. she would call her father every time just to tell him “papa yaha bohot gande log hain … ye log insaan hi nahi hain (papa these people here are inhuman !!)”, and then cry over the phone with her mother on the other side and tell her that how lonely she feels sometimes in the hostel. How much she misses being at home with her mom and dad. Raising her opinions every time was something she just can’t resist. Even when she knew that her opinions always get her in trouble. She believes that if she cannot stand for the right thing, her life isn’t worth living. Though the matters she always kept herself involved in weren’t of life and death,  she was typical about it. She wasn’t the quintessential beauty of her college but she had something in her. something which she was totally unaware of. As an emotional girl, she never saw life too seriously. She always found happiness in small things that people usually ignore in their own race of life. She wasn’t competitive about her looks. She never tried to “look good” like the other normal girls did. Her normal was weird for people. And she wasn’t inferior about anything. That was the best part about her.

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