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It’s not quite often that I get goosebumps while watching a movie from theatres. I am a huge fan of psychological thrillers, the genre which explores the psyche of characters involved in the story. Perhaps it’s due to this affinity of mine to psychological thrillers that made me fall in love with the movie 9. I had been following many of the latest Prithivarj’s interviews on YouTube. Everything he said about the movie “Nine” in each of those interviews are one hundred per cent accurate. Prithviraj is truly a man of his words. When he said his mission was to transcend our film industry to global space, he exactly meant what he said.

Nine reminded me of the Japanese Manga “Kimi no na wa”. The comet and its “extra-dimensional” effect on the lives of individuals is loosely the science fiction contained in both the movies. But “Nine” is still genuine and original in it’s content. For arguments sake, one could say that there are many foreign movies that is similar to “Nine’s” concept, but still, I don’t think it would be a substantial argument. Even in Malayalam, there were quite a few brillaintly made psychological thrillers like “1 by two”. And I don’t think its fair to say that “Nine” is a copy of any film from Hollywood. It just shares the same concept, but has an original story to tell.

The script is amazing and the direction and making are equally amazing that it contemplated the real essence of the story. The technical side needs much appreciation as well. The camera, music and cinematography really created the vibe of fantasy drama that the script demanded. There were quite a few portions in the movie that were easily predictable. An avid psychological thriller fan like myself, who have seen movies like Double (2014), Enemy (2013), Spider (2002), Stay (2005) and similar movies, it would be easy to predict what’s going to happen next. In fact, I was even able to complete certain dialogues of the character Albert even before he said it. But still, the movie’s brilliance makes up for its “certain predictable” parts. Also, if its too complicated, not everyone would be able to enjoy the movie. “Nine” is perfectly crafted for all range of audience from kids to critics.

Prithviraj’s performance in the movie is quite good. But he hasn’t delivered anything new that we haven’t seen from him before. The emotional and other dramatic scenes in the movie are almost the same as he did in his other movies. It’s almost like those characters Prithviraj played in Adam Joan and Ezra. Wamiqa Gabbi is the perfect cast for her character “Eva” in the movie. I doubt, any other Malayalee actress could have delivered what the character demanded. She is charmingly terrifying in this psychological horror drama. The boy who played Prithviraj’s son “Adam”, did a very fine job. Almost, every cast, including Prakash Raj as Dr Khan, was perfectly suited to play their respective character in the movie.

“Nine” is not purely sole science fiction. It’s a movie that has science fiction elements. But in essence, “Nine” is a mix of psychology and fantasy. Director Januse has done a brilliant job in directing the movie. Now, I finally understood why it wasn’t an odd decision for a global studio like Sony Pictures to associate with a Malayalam movie. While leaving the theatre, I overheard many among the audience praising the movie, but a few kept saying that they didn’t understand the movie at all. Perhaps “Nine” is not meant for the general mass. It requires a bit of analytical view to explore the gravity of the story and its brilliance, which common audience are not yet ready to engage in.

Read this article to understand the story of “Nine”; Nine Movie | Story Explained (Spoiler Alert)


Watch “Nine” for its cinematic experience

“Nine” is made for a global audience. Perhaps the makers consciously made an effort to strip off any cultural or indigenous elements from the movie. Because, when the story is told in a global scale, the global audience wouldn’t be able to recognise or understand tiny cultural references. So, it’s possible that they avoided this to engage every audience irrespective of their geographical location. Any person, from anywhere around the world, with the help of subtitles, can understand the movie without losing anything from the movie.

Do not expect “Nine” to be a feel-good movie and compare it with movies of that genre

As I’ve said earlier, “Nine” is a global movie. So, it has got to sacrifice many of the tiny cultural details that could only be understood by indigenous people. A movie like “Maheshinte Prathikaram” or “Kumbalingi Nights” could only be genuinely enjoyed without losing any of its content, by a person who understands the cultural details of the region where the story is based from. For a foreigner, such feel-good Malayalam movies may not entertain as much as a movie like “Nine” would.

Be attentive to every scenes and dialogues

“Nine” is a perfectly engaging movie. Every scenes and dialogue in the movie are connected and are meticulously arranged. The movie is so perfectly edited that there are no “waste” scenes in the movie. Almost every scene is equally important. And most dialogues have deep inner meanings. If one tries to ponder through the deeper sense of dialogues in the movie, deeper psychological and philosophical aspects could be discovered.

Have the patience to think and understand the story

Most people watch movies to relax and to get a break from all the real-life problems. And many of them just want to relieve their stress just by stop thinking. And that’s why most of the blockbuster movies are comedy-dramas that require zero levels of intelligence to understand the movie. Most of the time, its fun to just leave the brain behind the doors of the theatres. It would completely help to relax and enjoy the moment. But if you are looking for the same experience, “Nine” is not the movie for you. “Nine” demands and tests the audience’s intelligence. And once they leave the theaters and take time some time to think about the movie, they could easily understand the concept of the story and the hidden layers inside it. “Nine” is not a very complex movie. But it sure does demand a bit of intelligence from the audience. Movies like “Nine” helps the audience to think more. And that’s the beauty of such movies.

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