Mr. Sahil Makhija A.K.A the “The Demonstealer” talks on the 19-year career of demonic resurrection

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For the man who's been in the Indian metal scene right from its beginning the  Founding member of Demonic Resurrection and owner of India's first extreme metal label Demonstealer Records. Mr. Sahil Makhija  A.K.A the "The Demonstealer" talks on the 19-year career of demonic resurrection

How do u describe demonic resurrection's music..?

Demonstealer: I think symphonic death metal would be the best way to describe our sound. However over the years we've evolved and had many variations in our sound. In the earlier years we had female vocals and a more gothic feel to some tracks, middle years were heavy on the symphony, later it got a bit proggy even. We still like to call ourselves Demonic Metal which is pretty much whatever we want it to be really. Largely influenced by death metal, black metal and power metal.

It's no secret that being a metal musician in India is a struggle in itself how do you manage to keep up with that??
Demonstealer: I don't really. I've officially announced my retirement publicly from the scene and making music for now. I've done this for 19 years and it was just my love for heavy metal that kept me going all these years.

Was there ever a point that you considered to quit music and pursue a different career???
Demonstealer: I've just done that. But I didn't pursue a new career, a career found me.  I quit my day job with Furtados Music about a year ago to be a full time youtuber. I was running my cooking channel Headbanger's Kitchen without much success for 5 years and when I finally gave up on it and decided to just do it for fun, it just took off. So now I make a living by making cooking videos for the Keto diet on Youtube. The career found me. Now I just play my instruments for fun.

What are the difficulties of having a record company in India??
Demonstealer :India is a country where music is not valued. It's not valued commercially. It's all about getting things for free. So for any label it's a struggle to sell music directly to consumers. We don't have a culture of following bands and artists and being supporters. We're all about consuming music free either via movies or through religious functions and weddings etc. This concept of going to shows, buying albums etc is all fairly new and is largely restricted to a certain economic group of people. Apart from this of course doing any kind of work that requires registration, government licenses etc is a hassle because of the level of corruption in the offices.

So recently demonic resurrection has completed 19 years let me know your thoughts on the journey??

Demonstealer: For what it's worth, all said and done. I've loved it. It was my reason for living, it is what motivated me, it allowed me to be myself, to say what I wanted to say. Now the chapter has to close but it's been awesome!

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