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In the 5 years course of his PMship, The prime minister Narendra Modi has never called for a press conference, neither he faced one. However recently the chief of Bhartiya Janta Party, Amit Shah has called for a press conference to answer the questions pertaining to the campaign for the recent elections. 

Narendra Modi have attended the conference in a mute mode. Amit Shah was dealing and answering all the questions which the media was firing onto them but No question was answered by Modi. He was expressionless throughout the press conference. 

At times the media directed questions to Modi which he deflected towards the cheif of BJP Amir Shah. Infact he was even mute when a reporter asked him about a statement made by Rahul Gandhi that he will destroy the image of Modi. 

Although Modi attending Shah’s media engagement was not pre-planned. Modi, after addressing meeting from Khargon had to meet party full-timers but he did not do that. Instead he went for Amit Shah’s media engagement where he was sitting like a spectator. 

When a reporter pointed to the remark made by Rahul Gandhi that he will destroy the image of Modi, Modi remained silent and watched Amit shah answer that one too.

“Rahul Gandhi has been making baseless allegations, if he had any proof, he should have given it to the Supreme court” said Shah.

In the press conference, some questions were put up regarding Rafale’s deal to the Prime minister but even that did not put an end to his mute presence.

“It is not necessary that the PM responds to every question,” said Shah. 

Many questions were put up regarding the violence in the roadshow in Kolkata to which Amit Shah clearly denied BJPs involvement. 

“BJP workers did not provoke any violence…80 BJP workers have been killed in one and a half years in West Bengal. What does Mamata Banerjee have to say about this? If we were responsible for this, why did violence not take place anywhere else?”  Amit Shah said.

Not only this when a reporter asked a question particularly to the Prime minister that if BJP wins, will they welcome Pragya Thakur? 

Very cleverly he diverged the question to Shah saying that he is a disciplined Sepoy ! Cheif is everything for him. And therefore he did not answer that question either and lets Amit Shah answer that one too. 

When the media asked about all the controversial speeches given by BJP members all over the country and what investigation has been done on them, the prime minister kept looking at the Mike while Amit Shah went on to answer. But still shah did not have any strong answer to that. 

It is interesting to note that a Dynamic prime minister like Narendra Modi who have worked upon the minds of our country so well in the past 5 years and have raised so many “modi-bhakts” and who have addressed thousands and lacks of audiences in his sessions where he have given speeches about “development in India”, have got nothing to say to the media when Shah called for a press conference. 

This can only happen in country ruled by Narendra Modi !

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