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The 2019 Lok Sabha poll has been one of the most interesting elections in Indian History. While there have been so many rumors about Narendra Modi winning the elections, it was not very surprising to see BJP Coming into power for the 2nd time in a row. 

Prime minister Narendra Modi have been loved and criticized all over the country in approximately equal amounts. However he have been criticised across the globe on almost all public platforms for the ways he have been ruling the country ..

The way BJP has controlled the media and almost all the public Networking sites, it is not surprising to see how Modi has been able to raise so many followers in the journey of last 5 years, the so-called “Modi bhakta”. Furthermore, Narendra Modi is one of the very few prime minister’s of the world who have been talked about more than any filmstar. He has got a huge audience who is so keen about what Modi is doing! 

Narendra Modi have been a hot topic of talk from the last 5 years. More than what he have done for the country, he was in talk for his personal life which includes his dressing sense, his sleep wake cycle, his so-called trips to the foreign land. What Narendra Modi have achieved in the name of “Bharat ka Vikaas” is his own name being taken as a celebrity. And yet again, only God knows how his party came into power for the 2nd time. 

There should be absolutely no reason for questioning the intellectuality of the voters in India who have, with full majority, voted for Saadhvi Pragya, the prime accused in Malegaon blasts over an educationist! 

Just like there are no questions about what had happened in the past 5 years in India in the name of development and peace, there will be absolutely no questions even after the next 5 years. 

Another striking factor of the polls is that only 50-60 % people go for voting. And this Number varies from one state to another. One thing is clear that if you cannot go to poll your vote and choose the candidate you want, to rule the country, then you have no right to criticize the person coming into power. If you really want the candidate of your choice to win, you must walk out of your home on the polling day and caste your vote. 

There have been a time when people used to fight for the right to vote and then after so much struggle we could actually manage to get “Universal Adult Franchise” in our country. It seems like people do not understand the value of their vote but if, someday due to some circumstances, this right to vote is taken away, their would be crores of voices coming together to get it back. It is true that you don’t realise the power of something which you already have. On the contrary, if that power is taken away from you, then you realise it’s importance. 

In the Lok sabha 2019, BJP have defeated Congress with a huge margin capturing around 300 seats. Modi is the 3rd prime minister after Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, both of them being the leaders of Congress at different time points, who have won the Lok sabha elections with complete majority. 

When Rahul Gandhi was asked about his defeat he said 

“Today is not the day for me to go into the details of this mandate. Today is the day that a new prime minister have been elected and today is the day to wish him all the best and, hopefully, he will look after the interests of the country.”

He also said that he takes “100% responsibility” of this defeat.

Since Congress have only bettered his performance from the 2014 Lok sabha polls only marginally, it is high time for Congress to look into the details of what went wrong. 

Congress being the leading party for decades after independence have now seemed to have come down to the bottom in its political career. 

Anyways, Modi is now in power again ! 

Let’s just hope that we don’t have riots in the name of religion and let’s hope to not see communalism yet again ! 

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