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A gender equality activist, Amit Deshpande has recently said to the media that just like there is a movement called “#metoo”, there should also be a movement called “#mentoo”.

It is true that ever since Nirbhaya Rape case has happened in Delhi, the rules have been really strict for the accused. Every day a number of rape cases are filed in this country. But more often than not these rape cases are false.

Women have been seeking monetary benefits by filing a rape case after which the so-called “accused” have to pay a large sum of money to settle the matter. It is also known that the rape cases which are actually true and happening in the country do not get lodged because of the social stigma associated. Women have been misusing the laws which are made to protect the victims in the name of being “women” and that they can’t be questioned upon. 

Just like being a man doesn’t mean you can use your masculinity as a weapon against the women, being a woman also doesn’t mean that you can use the femininity as a tool to summon all the sympathy and trust of the country. 

The social activist, Amit Deshpande has said it correctly that crime has no gender. Just like a man can commit a crime in this country, women too can indulge in illegal offenses. 

Some cases have been lodged which proves this.

An IT consultant had intercourse with his girlfriend with her full consent. They wished to marry each other. The boy has submitted proof of her consent and wishes to marry.

Furthermore, they had got engaged in front of their friends. They were still to seek the acceptance of their family members. Later, due to some reasons, the girl broke off with him and refused to marry. However, after about a year, she barged into his office claiming that she is pregnant with his child. She said she wanted to marry him to which he denied. And therefore she filed a case against him claiming that he had intercourse with her under the false promise of marriage. Not only this, but she also filed a case of molestation against his dad and a case of assault on his cancer-stricken sister. His father had to spend a week in Jail. 

Another case was also filed. A man from middle East met a girl from the matrimonial site. His sister fixed the meeting. However, the boy rejected the girl. The girl did not take the rejection in a healthy manner and therefore filed a rape case against him. On account of this, the man lost his job and had to spend a few days in jail. The man lost his will to live anymore when he called the helpline of the organization of Amit Deshpande.

Is it fair for a man to go through such severe circumstances who have not done anything wrong ? Isn’t this similar to an acid attack on the women? 

Of course, it is. Being a woman doesn’t Mean that you have got the license to do whatever you feel like. Hence, the need of the hour is that there should be strict laws for punishing females who file false Rape cases. 

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