Menstruation; From “Impure” to “Life Saver”; Menstrual Blood Banking

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stemcell menstrual blood bank

In the past menstrual blood was considered as “impure”. Even today such false notions prevail in many regions of the country.  People would change their minds if they knew about Menstrual blood banking where life-saving stem cells are collected from the menstrual blood. Cryo Cell’s patent-pending technology and easy-to-use collection kit allow you to easily collect menstrual blood, isolate stem cells from it and preserve these menstrual stem cells. Using this kit, with the help of a physician, a woman can collect her menstrual blood.

For the best results, menstrual blood on the day of the heaviest menstrual flow is collected. Samples are collected using a medical grade silicone menstrual cup.  The cup must not be inserted for more than four hours. The patient is allowed to do her normal routine and after four hours return to the physician’s place to remove the cup. The collected sample is placed into the menstrual collection container with media and is tightly closed and then gently inverted to mix the menstrual fluid and media solution. This container is then prepared for shipment.

menstrual cup
Menstrual Cup

Benefits of Menstrual Stem Cells

Researches prove that menstrual stem cells that are found naturally in the menstrual blood can be used for potential cellular therapies that may arise in the future.  This can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved. During the menstrual period ,the walls of the uterus thickens . This uterine lining (endometrium) which is discharged as a part of the menstrual blood contains the stem cells.  Menstrual stem cells have unique properties and characteristics similar to  both embryonic stem cells and bone marrow. These stem cells are capable of multiplying rapidly and can differentiate into many other types of cardiac,fat,bone,neural and cartilage stem cells. In short, menstrual stem cells are a great promise for the future use in clinical regenerative medical therapies.

Menstrual Blood Banking Storage Process

After collecting the menstrual blood, it is shipped to Cryo-cell via medical courier and is processed in a state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 clean room. The isolated stem cells are stored in two cryovials. These are over wrapped and safeguarded. Using controlled rate freezing technology, the stem cells are prepared for long term storage. These are housed in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen for cryogenic preservation. The storage facilities are monitored round the clock and proper security and temperature is maintained to keep the specimens safe and ready for the future use.

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