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The famous drugs namely charas or bhang is obtained from a plant called “Cannabis sativa”. It’s used for various purposes in India since 2000 BC. It is commonly known ad Marijuana and its popularity has seen to be growing amongst the adults of our country. The whole plant and almost all of its parts are used for drug production.

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Charas is the resin, Ganja is produced from the flower and Bhaang is produced from the seeds and leaves.

Bhanga is consumed in India as the prasad of Shiva and it’s consumption increases mostly between Mahashivratri and Holi. Atharveda talks about bhang as one of the five sacred plants which reduce anxiety.

Sushruta samhita says that Bhanga is a medicinal plant and recommends the same for treating various diseases such as phlegm, diarrhoea and Catarrh etc.

There are two substances which are present in Bhaang. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is not a psychoactive compound while THC is psychoactive.

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Marijuana has to offer alot of medicinal benefits to us. In a study conducted by All India institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS) in 2019 states that approximately 7.2 million people have consumed Cannabis (marijuana) in the previous year. Infact in  June 2018, Marijuana received the approval for being used in he treatment of epilepsy.

Various other benefits are listed below :

1- During chronic pain after ailment, marijuana have found to be a great pain reliever.

2-  It is known to cure depression and anxiety issues. In some cases, doctors prescribe marijuana and regulate the  amount.

3- Although it is not used to cure cancer per se but it is definitely helpful for nausea and vominting that comes alongwith chemotherapy.

4- Marijuana has proved to be very useful for a disease known as multiple sclerosis.

marijuana bronbi

5-  In children with Dravet syndrome, seizures are a common symptom. A study in 2017 revealed that CBD is effective in curing serizures in this particular syndrome.

6- Since it has psychoactive component also, Marijuana is popular for regulating your mood.

Along with these benefits, it has severe side effects if taken in unregulated or high amounts. People misusing marijuana often complaint about dry mouth and they also feel fatigue. Social isolation and loss of sensory responses is a common problem seen.

But Despite of these apprehensions, the use of Marijuana or charas is seen to be growing at a very high pace. Adults need to remember the fact that marijuana is useful if you do not misuse it. Otherwise, it may lead to a deadly addiction.

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