Malayalam Cinema Is Flying Very High, So Does Parvathy |Uyare Is Pure Class

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Uyare is purely Parvathy's film.
Uyare is purely Parvathy's film.

We can define the status of Malayalam Film industry with the titles of its movies. Malayalam Cinema faced a block in its standard in the 21 st century. With ‘Traffic’, the block was removed and the direction was set for a new change. And then came ‘Take off’, which really took Malayalam cinema to another level. Standard of Malayalam Films slowly increased these years, and now with Uyare, we can say that the Malayalam industry is at its peak. Flying High, Very high indeed!

There are many greats, who left this planet very early but still lives in the heart of many through their contributions. We can really add Rajesh Pillai to this category. He had a small span of life, but he is still living through his works and beloved teammates. This time it was his former assistant director, Manu Ashokan’s turn. Just like how Mahesh Narayanan paid his tribute through ‘Take off’, Manu too delivered a splendid work here.

Uyare can be considered as the best ‘inspirational’ movie ever made in this language. The amount of feel we get for the central character Pallavi is too high. The script holds the key. And as a debutant here, nothing more Manu Ashokan can ask for. Just like Traffic and Take Off, even Uyare inspires us to survive, maybe more than the former two.

Life is not in our control. It can swing between best and worse. But at the end of the day what matters is the Survival. Life can be thrashed by someone or something, but the point is your willingness to rise up. People might tease you, abuse you and very few support you. Keeping the latter and throwing the formers, you have to live. You have to fly very high, like Pallavi.

Uyare deals with the story of an acid survivor. Usually, such movies contain many melodramas and sentiments. Here but the storytelling has been different. Uyare travels in a new style. More Beautiful indeed. Manu tried to pull out a poignant story without sticking to usual melodrama. Rajesh Pillai had a unique way of presenting human emotions. Manu too followed that. He handled such scenes sensitively. Kudos to Award-Winning Bobby Sanjay as well. Music too played a crucial role in the movie.

Uyare flies between the Ups and downs of Young ambitious Pallavi. She wants to become a pilot and then she meets Govind. Pallavi is bold, confident, and classy. No one can stop her when she is by herself. But whenever she sees annoyingly possessive Govind, all these qualities suddenly diminishes. The minute Govind comes she turns into someone she doesn’t wish to be. While Pallavi had or acquired every quality necessary to become a pilot, this clingy man stands as a barrier between her and her dreams. She has strong reasons to love Govind even when her beloved father doesn’t like him. Pallavi represents a typical medium class mallu girl.

Characters like Govind are common nowadays. Extreme possessiveness is something that makes many relationships in this world very worse. There are many Govinds around us who want to see or contact their loved ones throughout the day. They can’t live without them. They must have a say in everything she does, which obviously reduces her freedom to live. People like Govind doesn’t care about the dreams of his partner. They want them to live on their terms. Therefore similar heinous crimes happen in real life too. Its time for all Govinds around us to self examine.

Uyare Trailer

The Strongest reason to watch this movie is the performances of the respective actors. From now on we can call Parvathy, the ‘Best Actress’ in the country. There are undoubtedly many other actresses who can act well, but there is no one like Parvathy who can just live it like that character. Kanchanamala, Sameera and now Pallavi. She too is flying very high. No other actress can portray Pallavi with such ease. It was literally a tailor-made role for Parvathy. And above all, she might receive many awards too, including the national award she lost in ‘Take Off’. Uyare is purely Parvathy’s film.

Asif Ali is having a tremendous 2019 and Govind in Uyare is his best till date. Govind is a difficult role to portray, but he gave his full. Govind is a struggling young guy. He loves Pallavi, but his extreme possessive nature makes their relationship worse. He has a grey shade in the major portions. But the scene where Pallavi leaves him in the airport, we can see a typical loving mallu boy who is struggling and doesn’t have anyone else. Asif Ali conveyed all these emotions perfectly.

Tovino Thomas also plays an important role in the movie. His presence provides a bundle of charm to this movie. Easiness of Tovino to do such positive roles is remarkable. Siddhique can do anything, here it is again proved. When someone writes such characters, probably the first face that will come to their mind is his face. He can do such roles with much perfection. Other actors including Anarkali and Prem Prakash too did a neat job. Above all, Manu used these actors very well.

Uyare narrates a highly relevant issue in an impressive way. Above all, it redefines the concept of beauty. Every individual must have an indomitable spirit that will help them to fly high, just like Pallavi. Therefore don’t judge anyone by their look, but by their attitude. Whatever happens, your inner beauty can’t be destroyed. Its 2019, Fly High Folks!

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