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One of the highly anticipated films of 2019, Lucifer will hit the screens tomorrow. A Young Superstar directing their biggest superstar, nothing bigger than this is needed to wait for a movie. Hopes or Expectations, killing a movie is a very common sight in Malayalam Cinema. You should have a clear idea about what to expect and what not to expect from a movie. Then you could really enjoy the movie.

What to Expect?

  • The ‘L’ Factor

Lucifer will be a complete ‘L’alettan film. “The way Prithviraj Sukumaran want to see Mohanlal”, that’s Lucifer. Being a fanboy, he would have definitely included the ‘goosebump’ moments such as fights, look and all. From the trailer it’s clear that, we can see our Superstar in the most stylish way.

  • Big Screen Experience

We all Know that Prithviraj is someone who gives importance to big screen experience than Realism. So definitely lucifer will be a superstar movie, glorifying him in all possible ways.

  • Action Sequels and Punch Dialogues

We all know that Mohanlal is famous for his actions and punch dialogues. So a Mohanlal film directed by his fanboy will definitely comprise all those kinds of stuff. From the trailer, it is sure that there are many such moments in the movie, shot in a very stylish manner.

  • Anamorphic Shots and Bgm

Even when the 2 minute- trailer leaving the audience stunned, then why don’t we expect a visual treat? We can literally expect a Sujith Vasudev Masterpiece from Lucifer. We will definitely get so many captivating visuals, just like the trailer gave. Anamorphic Format will definitely help us to get a big screen Experience. The bgm in the trailer too is increasing the intensity of Lucifer.

  • The ‘Big’ Cast

There is no wrong in expecting big from cast that includes Tovino, Manju, Vivek Oberoi, Shajon, Saikumar etc. Glimpses from the trailer hints that roles of Saikumar, Tovino, Oberoi etc…. are literally tailor-made for those actors.

Lucifer Trailer

What ‘Not’ to Expect?

  • Not a ‘Political’ Movie

We have seen in many promotional events that the anchors misinterpreting Lucifer as a Political movie. And in all those events, director Prithviraj made clear that “It is not a Political movie“. Politics is just used as a scenario to tell the story. Similarly seeing many scenes in the trailer, you may feel it as a political one, but actually, it’s not.

  • Not a ‘Typical’ Murali Gopi Script

Murali Gopi is a well known main-stream writer in Malayalam cinema. He really likes to experiment a lot. From his words, it’s pretty clear that Lucifer is purely a commercial film. Unlike his previous scripts such as Kammara Sambavam, Tiyaan and Left Right Left, there is no much experimenting in this movie. So more than expecting a Murali Gopi classic, try to watch it as a pure ‘Mohanlal Show’.

  • Not a Movie belonging to this age of ‘Realism’

Lucifer is releasing on a time where realistic films such as Kumbalangi Nights are still impressing the audience. Watch Lucifer as a Pure Superstar film. Above all its a film directed by a fanboy. He wishes to see his idol in a particular way. That’s Lucifer. Certainly it will be character centric script. Don’t Forget this fact.

  • Not a ‘Small’ Movie

Lucifer is a big project. Therefore, the length of the movie will be certainly high. In other words, we can say that the pace of the movie will be such that it may make you lag in between. Keeping this fact only, you should approach this movie. Above all, you can expect much ‘detailing’ in the movie

  • Not an ‘experienced’ Director

Prithviraj is a brilliant actor. There is no doubt on that. But we all don’t know the director in him. Its his first first film. Even though Lucifer is made on big canvas as well with a big cast, we have to agree the fact that this is his debut film. Anyway let us hope for the best.

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