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Having a pet animal at your home is not a new tradition. Humans have been keeping pets since time immemorial and now it’s more like a style statement in the high societies to have pets. Cats and Dogs are the most common animals when it comes to having pets in a family. 

Animals show an extremely high level of intelligence. It’s just that they cannot speak but other than that when they are to understand the feelings fo their humans or of their fellows, they are extremely good at that. Without you telling them anything and without understanding the human language they understand your deepest of emotions. Perhaps because they are not dependent on the language barriers rather they express their love and receive the same through the gestures. 

Both cats and dogs are the two most beloved animals which usually people likes to keep at their homes. Where dogs are very obedient and emotional, cats are found to be clever and independent. They don’t do things as you want them to do, infact they would appply their own intellect and do things their own way. They would not follow  their owners blindly but would only do what they feel like doing. 

Whereas on the other hand, you can train a dog to do anything for you and he will surely do that. 

Recent studies conducted by researcher Denise Guastello have shown that the people who like cats show a high level of intelligence. 

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, says “The study was conducted on 600 students. It was found that dog people are more social and extroverted whereas cat lovers are more sensitive and open-minded. It also turned out that those who prefer cats are more neurotic. Furthermore, cat people tend to stand for what they think – no matter what the environment says, which may indicate that they are more independent. The survey also reveals that those who like cats, in general, have a higher intelligence and are more educated. They have a greater chance of completing university studies.”

Now the question arises for those people who love both cats and dogs ? 

Well, it demands more research and the answer is yet to come.

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