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Ramadan is the sacred month for Muslims where the Muslims fast for 30 days. A-lot of people go for weight loss during this month because they feel that Ramadan is the easiest time to lose weight as one is already keeping a fast. Ironically, they end up gaining weight. This happens because during Iftaar, we often have all the fatty and fried stuff which proves to be an increment in our weights rather than reduction it in any way. 

But, everything is possible with a sincere diet plan and a routine. Losing weight is just a matter of discipline combined with dedication. It’s more about knowing what you should not eat rather than knowing what you should eat! 

Here are some tips to Loose weight during Ramadan which are going to be really helpful if you followed them. 

1- First rule of starting with your weight loss plan is to not overeat. Overeating is the biggest way that leads to obesity. During Iftaar do not overeat. Remember, Iftaar should be a time to eat healthy and nutritious. It’s not a treat wherein you put everything inside your stomach. 

2- 30 minutes prior to Iftaar, do brisk walking or some light exercise. This will boost up your metabolism and during Iftaar, your energy will be replenished in a balanced way. This way you can ensure a healthy body by the end of the month. 

3- Most of us have Roohafza during Iftaar and we find it very refreshing. But Roohafza is nothing but Artificial sugar. It’s not going to be help you in any way instead it will aid in weigh gain. Instead of Roohafza, have Home made juices. Avoid packed justices also because they have added preservatives and added sugars. 

Start your Iftaar with 2 dates which is a great source of natural sugar and a glass of freshly prepared home-made juice. 

Juices can be made of Pomegranate, pine apple, and watermelon (especially when Ramadan are in summers). 

Add a pinch of “Kaala namak” to your juices and a few drops of lemon. 

Lemon is famous for cutting fat. 

4- You can substitute Fruit juices with vegetable juices as they are even healthier alternative. Add a pinch of Kaala namak to your juices and a few drops of lemon juice. This will ensure the fat cutting process is activated. 

5- We usually have fruit salad during Iftaar and we supplement it with a-lot of sugar and “chaat 

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