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Currently, I am facing a very personal catastrophe regarding the death of my reading. I used to be an ardent lover of reading. Over the years I have read a slew of books belongs to the local libraries as well as my own personal collection. Up to an extent, this craving for books has molded my material life in addition to spiritual. They helped in defining myself and after all books literally delighted me by opening windows to realities which were unknown to me.

But the fact is that I already mentioned in the beginning that all the description given above is a matter of past. The condition is worst at present. Now I am reading many fewer books and even fewer of the kind of books that require hard work.

Actually, nowadays I am engaged in a war with technology that willpower alone is not enough to fight. The internet and social media have trained my brain to read a maximum of two paragraphs, and then start looking around for better more interesting ‘links’.

I have searched a lot to find a beautiful name for this disastrous disease which killed my reading and at last find an article in neuroscience which simply explains this phenomenon as a “Dopamine rush”. It usually occurs when we learn something quick and new. An experiment done in rats proved that in the case of animals this dopamine will reach its peak only while having food or during mating. But sadly, in humans, an email can also satisfy that pleasure center apart from food and sex. Interesting!!! Of course, the same as doing with Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook…

Unfortunately, this dopamine rush made my commitment to reading as an ongoing struggle. Really, we need to build a fortress with walls strong enough to withstand other online seductions. I think for a deep reading, I need an hour of high mental energy as well as donating my mobile phone to any repository. Oh, a bit hyperbolic!

Okay, now I can do one thing that all of you can do who have the problem with bloody dopamine rush. Just putting off your Internet connectivity, better your mobile phones and spare an hour to resurrect that old skill of reading. Oh, let me do it first before I click on any other pop-up links of an interesting video.

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10 shares, 38 points

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