Let The Heroes Live Through Our Hearts, And Their Families By Our Actions ; Commemorating the 10 years of 26/11

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26/11.  Attacks, that lasted over three nights, 70 hours. 166 killed, 304 injured.  Beyond all these facts, beyond the 10 years, the truth is that still, that shock remains the same. No Indian could forget those 10 heavily armed terrorists. Thanks to the All the forces who literally protected our country, without even considering their life. Yes, we can call it as their duty. Even when we sleep, their eyes are open. They have no time to think about their comfort. Therefore, It would be unfair if we don’t remember those 17 security officials who lost their lives on 26/11. At least on this day. Mr. K Unnikrishnan, father of slain NSG Commando Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan believes;

“The commemoration of the anniversary of 26/11 gives us an opportunity to thank and honour the living legends of 26/11 who are not remembered or honoured as often as the fallen heroes.

A City that never stops, were held by 10 terrorists.  If those commandoes were not prepared, the consequences would be even worse. Therefore, it’s important to remember those who lost their lives in every war, not just this. Remember the bravery, courage, and strength instead of bloodshed, people dying and terror. Days like 26/11 or 11/9 are remembered to highlight the amazing stories of sacrifice and resilience. When you are going through some bad phases in the corporate or professional life, before you quit, think of an army man. In the cold, In the dust, he just moves on. No bullets or missiles can stop him.

India pays tribute to victims on 10th anniversary of 26/11
India pays tribute to victims on 10th anniversary of 26/11

There is a lot to study from days like these. Apart from taking our Army for granted, we, the common people don’t really know about what the army does. Whether it be navy, airforce, NSG or whatever, you have to be with them. At least you have to know what they actually do? Apart from celebrating the martyrs or blaming their mistakes, we have to support them or their families. When one security officer dies, beyond remembering, just inquire about the life his family is going through after his death. For you, he may be one officer among many, but for them, he might be the only son, brother, father or husband. When he dies for our country, we should live for him and his family. 

A Soldier toils day and night sacrificing the comfort, their joys, even their lives. Unlike the people living in other countries like Syria, we can live fearlessly. We can sleep with happy faces. Credit wholly lies in the hands of the soldiers. Therefore, the fulfillment of their needs should be our top priority. But that’s not the case here. It’s our duty to make sure that, they never lack in equipment like bulletproof jackets, helmets, etc. The government may forget it, but it’s our duty to remind them. When we can make unnecessary strikes or hartals for the cheap political issues, why couldn’t we protest for the ones who even sacrifice their lives for us? At least spent some minutes for them to get rid of their tremendous mental pressure and heavy, cumbersome equipments.

“You have never lived until You have almost died, And for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavor, The protected will never know”

We all should know, What our nation’s army is doing for us. Because the superpower doesn’t come from having just an army. It comes from having that sense of national pride. It comes from having that sense of knowing your own nation. Similarly, wherever a tragedy happens, don’t get scared and run away. Confront it bravely and support others. Evils may surround us. We may feel overwhelmed. Transform our pain into action. Transform those tears into growth. Let us bring more light into our lives and the lives of those around us.  We could beat those evils with our unity. Remember a soldier never quits in his life. When he quits the world, take the batton and serve his family. Just tell your heart, he died for me, for my nation.  Let us offer our heartfelt tribute to the ones who put Mumbai first, till the very end.



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