Rich in Actors and Frames| Kumbalangi Nights is Yet Another Shyam Pushkaran Brilliance

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Kumbalangi Nights is pure, real and Magical.
Kumbalangi Nights is pure, real and Magical.

Shyam Pushkaran Scripts are always very different and real. Whether it be Maheshinte Prathikaaram or Mayanadhi, when we describe the storyline in one line it seems to be very simple,  but its very natural. He is unique in developing a character. The detailed description of every character will be available in his scripts,  that too in a limited space. Therefore wait for a Shyam Pushkaran script makes sense.

Kumbalangi Nights, the wait for this movie was started from the day we heard this unique name. We all know what happened 3 Years ago, when DileeshPothen, an assistant of Aashiq Abu, directed a Shyam Pushkaran Scripted Film. Now again a Shyam Pushkaran-Script is being directed by another assistant of Aashiq Abu. And when a cast including Fahadh Faasil, Shane Nigam, Soubin Shahir and Sreenath Basi joins this team, the expectations will definitely touch the sky. Madhu C Narayanan, your predecessors can be really proud of your work. ‘Kumbalangi Nights’ is pure,  real and Magical.

The specialty of some films is that the actors don’t need to to do a central role or a lengthy role to gain attraction. Thus the quality of every character altogether makes a quality cinema.  Kumbalangi Nights is such a work. Everyone is at their best in this charming little movie. It’s a story of four step and half brothers.  The movie is all about the life incidents that surrounds these four brothers in that shed-like-house.  These incidents comprises of their little happiness,  pain, altogether a real simple life we see in our neighborhood.

Kumbalangi Nights Trailer

Brothers like Saji and Bobby are not strangers to us.  We can relate the love-hate relationship between them to our brotherhood. Basically both of them are big losers. They just spent their days lying around without doing any job and fighting each other. Then a girl, Babymol comes in Bobby’s way and slowly the story unfolds. There you meet, Shammi, brother in law of Babymol. Shammi is the most interesting character in this movie as there is something menancing about  that character

Saji has many things to tell, especially in the starting of the second half. Slowly the second half picks up the pace. How his friend helps Saji to evolve as a new man? Whether Bobby marries Baby? What do the other two brothers do? How their house is later filled with women? Second half of the movie gives you the answers for all these questions.

The Frames of Shyju Khalid is the best thing happened in Kumbalangi Nights. Those Frames including the title card shown at last will remain in our minds for a long time. In certain scenes, we don’t need dialogues, just frames along with the bgm fill your heart with the beauty of Kumbalangi. Yet another Sushin Shyam special in all sense.

As said earlier, the biggest plus point of this movie is the characters,  especially Saji and Bobby. Saji played by Soubin will be remembered as one of his best. Soubin were literally class in few scenes and overall he portrayed the elder brother flawlessly.  We can call Bobby, played by Shane Nigam as the lead of the film. How easily this young actor portrayed this character to perfection. There are few scenes where he tries to be selfish as well there are few situations where he explains their low life with a smile. Shane Nigam can certainly become the next big name in Mollywood.

Comparing to these two, Sreenath Bhasi and newbie Mathew Thomas didn’t have much space. Without speaking a word, Bhasi really gives us a feel that among the four, he is the most perfect human. Also with his appearance and attitude, the young kid also tried his best to stand along with these great brothers. All the actresses were also too good!

Now Coming to Fahadh Faasil. Meanwhile an actor, probably one of the next big name,  doing an antagonist in a non- superstar movie is something difficult to accept for the fans. But, when you watch out Shammi,  you will understand why Fahad agreed to the director as soon as he heard the script. Shammi was very intrusive. In certain scenes, even his smile depicted aggression. Sometimes we might laugh nervously. It’s not a typical regular villain. Above all, The character needed to capture all our hate just with his mannerism. As the character went challenging, Fahad displayed his ultimate ability,  “the power to act”. From the beginner to the established stardom, Fahad has gone too far. The decision to do such a role itself is proof of that.

A Character-driven-script along with some great actors leads Kumbalangi Nights to the list of must-watch movies. In short, we can sum up like this; Shyam Pushkaran’s brilliance in simplicity along with those Kumbalangi Frames makes the narration outstanding even as the concept is too subtle in the tale

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