June Can Be You,Your Friend, Sister or Any Typical Medium Class Mallu Girl|June Literally Takes You Back To Your School Days.

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June is a tale of a typical medium-class mallu girl, who transforms from a silly 12th standard kid to a more mature figure.
June is a tale of a typical medium-class mallu girl, who transforms from a silly 12th Standard Kid to a more mature figure.

Calling your School friends and talking all those nonsense tales you had in school is a different feeling.  Likewise, texting your school-time girlfriend a bit more in sudden is another different feeling.  And above all, if you can recollect all the happiness and sorrows of your school life with a genuine smile, then that different feeling is something more special right? Yes, after watching June,  you may come come across all those feelings. June itself is a different feeling indeed.

June is a typical middle-class girl that we know and the movie is her story.  You can relate June or her friends to you or your friends. Since the movie is taken on the backdrop of 12th standard that passed in 2006, any batch that passed out between Manmohan Singh’s reign will be the most affected victims of this movie. Compromising the little bit cinematic content,  June is all about the life of that period school kids. All those kids had friends, love,  and moments just as June had. They also had sorrows just as June,  sometimes they overcame it as June did and sometimes they didn’t, like one of June’s friend.

The first half of the movie deals with the school life of June, which she recollects from a bar on the new year eve. The first day to the last day of June’s high school life is beautifully portrayed in the movie. It starts from her mother, who spoils her desire to expose her legs in school uniform,  a common sight in our houses. Then she reaches her school,  where we will come across his friends and the school romance with Noel. In between the first eighty minutes, you will get a definite idea about June, her parents, Noel and her friends. Moments such as arts day, evening talks, farewell etc really helps in cementing the friendship as well the silly school romance.

Post-school life of June is shown in the second half. What happens between Noel and June?  Will Noel marries her? The second half of the movie deals with the transformation of a kiddish June to a serious, matured June. The Incidents and the individuals who helped in transforming June is well crafted in the movie. If a movie can bring a smile or a positivity at the end, then there is no need to explain more about that movie. The debutant director was too perfect in the climax as Positivity just overflowed. You will definitely leave the theatre with a smile on your face.

June Trailer

First of all full applauds to Vijay Babu and Friday Film house.  There is no better platform than this for newcomers. When Such a huge big team is ready to invest in you, you can comfortably come forward with your ideas and innovations. Kudos to Vijay Babu, in showing faith in those youngsters.  He can really proud of their work. And also thank you for showing the courage to promote these young talents. Let many more Junes and monkeypens come from your production house.

If a production house such as Friday Films takes a movie, then there has to be some stuff in it. There is no doubt about that. When you look at the story of June, you might feel it as very simple. Nothing much special. But in the end, it’s all about the execution of your resources. The Debutant Director Ahammed Kabir has done that job very perfectly. Director Sir can be really proud of himself for turning around an old fashioned script. Looking at glance, the storyline might feel as something seen before. But the Brilliance of Director never gives such a feeling in real. Especially the climax. Even though the climax is very lengthy, you really don’t feel it as long. In fact, you might even wish that the movie shouldn’t ends.

Credit must be equally given to Editor, Cinematographer, and the music director. Frames of Jithin Stanislaus were pretty fresh. Sometimes his Pictures were quite enough to give the intensity of a scene. Ifthi’s music also played its part to display the various emotions of June. All the songs were good, while some were too good. The best part of June is obviously its editing. Lijo Paul made sure that the audience never get bored. Edits were accordingly done with respective of its pace or lag. Everyone has got a perfect beginning to their career.

Now coming to the actors. Without Rajisha Vijayan,  June can’t be even imagined. She was not Rajisha, but June indeed. She did the role with much ease. We might feel that the role was made for her. The transformation from the school kid to mature June is very difficult to portray indeed. But she was at her best. Even though she received a state award for Anuraga Karikin Vellam, this will be remembered as her best film till date. She essayed all emotions so perfectly. An actress of her age portraying a school kid really needs a special talent. I think the gap she took from the industry made sense now and the gap really helped her to portray June with very much ease.

Another highlight of this movie is Arjun Ashokan. Son of a pure comedian, this guy is rather growing on a big scale. As Anand, he was funny, innocent as well as serious. The scenes between Anand and June in the second half literally brought the life to the script and the way June gets moulded to a matured girl is something we have to experience from the theatres itself.

June literally promised a new good looking youngster to the Malayalam film industry. Even though his role doesn’t demand much, Sarjano Khalid as Noel deserves to be noted. From a young boy with innocence to a serious youth figure, he was perfect. The body language of the actor was pretty cool, as he comfortably portrayed the role of a lover as well as the son living in terms of his parents. It seemed like as he himself forgotten the fact tht, it was his first movie.

Just like June, all her friends also seemed like the ones that we know in our life or we studied with. There is no need to say more about them. They just portrayed their roles well and many among them might get better roles in the future. Joju is a minimum guaranteed actor now. For almost every daughter, her father is the best friend. And here we get a better picture of the father-daughter relationship. Ashwathy Menon also did her role very well. She was the kind of mom we see in our homes. There were few guest appearances too, which those experienced actors did with much perfectio.

June is a tale of a typical medium-class mallu girl, who transforms from a silly 12th standard kid to a more mature figure. Above all, June can be described as a mirror, where every middle-class girl can see herself. It’s a must watch, especially for the girls of this century.

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